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Helpful Tips For Vacuum Cleaning Your House

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Are you someone who’s too lazy to clean but can’t stand dirt around the house? Or maybe you just don’t get the time, because you’re too busy juggling your other adult duties? Well, buddy, we’re on the same boat!

Don’t worry though, there’s this magical contraption called a vacuum cleaner that has been designed to save our boats from sinking. I’m sure you’ve heard of it or at least seen ads about it. I’m here to tell you, vacuum cleaners truly are a lifesaver.

Now, contrary to popular belief, vacuuming knowledge isn’t something that is naturally embedded in you. There are some things you should know about the art of vacuuming that will make cleaning for you a much easier process and how!

Make Your Life Easier

I know it’s a weird first tip, but it’s also the most obvious. Don’t make your life harder than it needs to be. The less you have to clean, the better!

So, make all the necessary lifestyle changes to avoid cleaning as much. Yes, I’m talking about all those house rules your mom enforced on you as a child that you despised to follow.

For instance, shoes should always be left outside. It’s a no-brainer that shoes bring in the dirt, and this adds to your vacuuming difficulties. But if you’re someone who’s against the whole ‘leave your shoes outside the house’ policy, then at least make sure there are mats at every doorstep.

Also, be sure to remove anything small from the floor before you start cleaning. The small objects may get stuck, clog the vacuum cleaner, plus cause greater damage and break the device.

The More You Vacuum, the Better

Although vacuuming once does an okay job, if you truly want a clean house, you need to vacuum the same area multiple times. In fact, go crazy and vacuum in different directions. Trust me, this is a lot more effective and fun!

Don’t worry though, multiple vacuuming of the same area isn’t as time-consuming as you think it is. It’s actually the fastest and easiest way to get the job done.

This tip is especially important for pet owners because pet hair can be quite persistent.

Vaccuming Carpet

Make it Routine Cleaning

Okay, so the biggest part of being an adult is doing everything in a timely manner. The same rule applies for vacuuming. If you do it at random times of the day, irregularly, you won’t really see the long-term benefits of your hard work.

So, make sure you schedule your vacuuming times and stick to them. Now, normally, once or twice a week works just fine. But if your house is right beside a road or if you have dirt spreading monsters like pets and kids residing in your house, it’s going to need a little more work.

Don’t Store the Dirt

Do yourself a favor and throw away the dirt from your vacuum cleaner regularly. No matter how hard you try, your vacuuming won’t reach full potential unless the bag or container is empty and it can actually take up the dirt.

For bagged vacuums, you can probably wait until the bag is filled up to three quarters. Any dirt storage beyond this is just going to mess with the functioning of the device.

Now although you don’t have to empty out your vacuum as soon you’re done the cleaning, it’s wise to start off with an empty bag or container. This will make the cleaning process much easier and faster.

Vacuums are Powerless against Stains

Stains on carpets, especially if you have pets and children, are quite common. Unfortunately, vacuums only suck away dirt and they really can’t do anything about stains.

But don’t worry, there are quite a variety of carpet cleaners for pets and spot cleaners which you can check out. Make sure to use those on the stains first, and then vacuum. You could also consider steam cleaning as an option.

If you vacuum your carpet after treating the stain, you’ll get much better results.

Vacuum Carpet Cleaner

The Right Vacuuming Mode

Different carpets need different types of vacuuming, and most vacuum cleaners have different cleaning modes you can set.

These settings are usually based on the height of the cleaning surface, because vacuums need to suction dirt and in such cases, the height matters.

Now, you’ve got to keep in mind that the height setting has to be adjusted throughout your house. Also, the setting for a wooden floor will be very different from a carpet.

Dusting Comes First

Always dust your furniture, curtains and other higher objects before you start vacuuming. If you do this later, needless to say, your vacuuming will go to waste.

By vacuuming later, you can remove all the dust that falls on the floor and do a much more effective cleaning job.

Beware of the Rugs

Rugs can be a little problematic to vacuum. Sometimes they get stuck on the edges and ruin the rug.

This is why you should always vacuum the center of the rug first and then do the rest of the other parts lightly.

Stairs Can Be Tricky

Stairs are quite difficult to clean. But don’t worry there is a solution for this as well.

Make sure to add an attachment to your vacuum so you have more flexibility when cleaning difficult places like stairs. Attachments do a great job in helping you to reach all the nooks and crannies.

Final Thoughts

Cleaning a house is no easy feat, but vacuum cleaners have made the job much easier.  However, no matter how fast and efficient they are, there are some guidelines you need to follow to give your house the proper cleaning it needs.

These tips are guaranteed to make you an expert at vacuuming. It might take a little effort to follow all of them but think of the immense happiness a clean, spotless house will bring you.

In fact, they’re not that difficult, and soon you’ll see how much more efficient your cleaning will become.

So, grab that vacuum and put all that you’ve learned in this article to action!

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