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Gardening Maintenance and Landscape Tips

Gardening Maintenance and Landscape Guide



Without the proper nutrients, lawns cannot remain healthy. Like humans, they need nourishment to keep them up and bright.

But to stay healthy and lush, your lawn needs the proper nutrients applied at the right time of the year in order for them to thrive.

Throughout the year, you have the responsibility of making sure that your lawn and plants have the correct fertilization. It’s hard to imagine the important role these nutrients play in the appearance and overall health of plants, shrubs, trees and your lawn.

As a property owner, it’s your responsibility to ensure the proper care of your lawn and garden. Without this care, your lawn, as well as any landscaping, are likely to wither before they ever reach maturity.

Generally speaking, the average soil around construction areas lack the proper and adequate nutrients to provide natural plant growth, so therefore, fertilization must be considered. Proper fertilization will promote a healthy and stable plant with roots that will encourage new, green leaf growth along with sturdy plants and trees as well.

Good fertilization also helps fight against the stresses caused by our environment such as extreme heat and/or cold, foot traffic drought as well as constant lawn mowing.

If you have a background in landscaping, you, of course can handle all the above without a qualm, but for the majority of citizen, those who have to work every day and return home tired at night, landscaping is more likely not only to remain a mystery, but an ugly chore that pales before the thought of a cool refreshing drink before dinner.

For those individuals, there is help readily available. Hiring a landscape professional, with his/her knowledge of fertilization schedules and products together with the expertise of long training and practice in the field, can be the answer to all your problems. Once this professional has been set up with a schedule, you can come home, sit back with that refreshing drink and, looking out the window, enjoy the view of a lovely green, well-groomed lawn surrounded by blooming and colorful plants.

Considering the wide range of fertilizers on the market today, only a trained professional can really select the right one for your particular landscape. Even consulting with a salesperson in a gardening shop, you may still come away with the wrong fertilizer and/or apply it improperly or, worse, apply it at the wrong time of the year. Actually, you can cause irreparable damage to your lawn, plants and/or trees.

Our experienced landscapers can do a proper analysis of your landscape, take samples of the soil to determine the soil type, the type of grass as well as your particular landscaping conditions.

This professional analysis will determine the best fertilizer as well as the proper times to fertilize to make certain your landscape remains green, lush and healthy through the entire year.


Most of us have no clue what this actually means, but our professional landscapers can provide lawn and garden renovations to repair an existing landscape that may be damaged due to your own lack of experience, or perhaps when you purchased the property, that’s the way you found the landscaping (thus giving you an edge in negotiating the right purchase price).

Organic lawn and plant care provide a safe chemical-free environment for your family and pets. This will promote greener plant life, better root growth and naturally controls thatch growth through the improvement of soil conditions due to the added micronutrients.

By mixing custom organics and soil conditioners, our professional enable the soil to promote healthy root systems, better plant stability along with resistance to many harmful insects and plant diseases.

One of the best way to keep your lawn and landscape green and healthy year-round is to demand organic lawn care. For the optimum results, this maintenance should be applied at least three times a year: Spring, summer, and fall.

Our professionals at Complete Gardens will be happy to explain all the many benefits of organic lawn and landscape care for your home, at no obligation, of course.


Our professional and experienced crews will quickly replant your lawn with new sod or seed. They’ll plant new flowers, shrubs, plants and trees as well as take away damaged or dead plants they find in your landscape. For raw unfinished land, they can quickly lay out a variety of landscaping plans for you to choose from.

In any case, these professionals will give your home and landscaping a new and vibrant life that will not only increase your home’s value, but its appearance and overall curb appeal.

Our skilled garden designers will fill your landscape with colorful flowers, rich green foliage and fragrant scents that will make it a pleasure for you to open your window in pleasant weather to enjoy the sights and scents at your doorstep.

These experts can also create beautiful annual flower gardens as well as specialty gardens that are certain to attract butterflies, dragonflies and perhaps other wildlife. Seasonal displays are available as you may also enjoy edible gardens lush with fresh herbs. Window boxes, potted arrangements…in short, tell our professionals what you want and they’ll fill your order to your satisfaction.

The takeaway here is that if you are presently trying to care for your own landscaping needs, then it may be time for you to consider the benefits of hiring our professional landscapers.

By now, if the above fits you, you already understand that keeping up with regular landscaping care and maintenance is a full-time job, so why don’t you call our experienced professionals who can ensure a beautiful, healthy landscape all year long?