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Five Home Renovation Tips For A Family On A Tight Budget

Installing Floor Laminate

Not only does remodelling or renovation increase the resale value of your house, but it also makes it look and feel much newer. Very often, people get tired of seeing their house look the same since decades, but they feel that a change is impossible due to their finances. If you’re one of those people, then this article will prove quite helpful! Here are 5 tricks and tips for you to renovate your home on a very tight budget.

1. Re-do your kitchen

Most houses in the United Kingdom have an open kitchen, so that is the first thing you see when you walk into any house. By simply re-doing your kitchen, you will feel like your whole house has changed! You don’t even need to buy new kitchen cabinets or change the whole layout. Simple things like changing the colour of the colour of the kitchen cabinets, repainting the kitchen cabinets to make them look new or even just applying a new finish to the cabinets should do the trick. Maybe you can add fairy lights under the slab or the cabinet to make your kitchen look brighter, hence better. You could even change the main kitchen slab to something inexpensive like granite.  If you really want to stick to a budget, then how about a new backsplash? Maybe something metallic or some tiles to change up the overall look.

2. A fresh coat of paint

If you are on a really really tight budget, then a fresh coat of paint can go a long way. Say your walls are cream or white, you can repaint them to almost any colour that you want. If not a bright colour, then you can buy textured paint and change the look and feel of your walls using that. Sometimes, even a fresh coat of paint can do the trick. And the best thing about a fresh coat of paint is that you can do it all by yourself. Make sure to paint the outside of your home as well, especially the main entrance area because that is what will create the first impression. The experts say that of all the properties for sale in Aylesbury, the ones that sell the fastest are the ones which look brand new – a job that a can of paint can handle. So, whether you are remodelling for resale value or for your own satisfaction, a new paint job is always a good idea.

3. Add some storage space

Do you notice that empty space under the staircase or in the lobby when you walk in? Change that empty space into storage space. That way, you can get rid of some clutter, increase the storage space in your home and even add to the beauty of your home. After all, don’t you think a wall hanging cabinet make your wall look better? You could hang cubes on the wall, single shelves or even slabs just to get rid of that boring empty space. Maybe you can fit a coat rack in some empty space near the entrance or put a small magazine shelf in the living room. Even with such small changes, it will definitely look like you redecorated!

4. Move some furniture around

The best way to remodel without spending any money is by changing the placement of your furniture. Move a sofa there, move a table here, and at the end of it, your house will look brand new. For example, if you move the furniture from one room to another you can do so in a way that every room now has a new colour scheme. You could even hang up some personal photos or homemade art to change how drab the empty walls look. Get some old-family photographs framed or make a collage of some of your most precious memories – these make for great decoration pieces. And while you go about moving around your furniture, try to de-clutter.  The less clutter in the house, the newer it will look. You could even get the furniture re-upholstered to make it look totally new. Isn’t that what the heritage properties do to add that glam factor?

5. Change the small things

Maybe change the throw pillows on your couch. Change your bathrooms colour scheme from cream and white to beige and gold – just by changing the accessories, towels, soap dish and other small items. Instead of replacing the sofa, just get a cover made which will make the sofa look as good as new. Add some flowers and pots to brighten up your home.  You can make one room look totally brand new by just using wallpaper on one wall – it’s that simple. Maybe add some new table lamps or floor lamps to make your house look brighter, happier and newer. Instead of spending money by making big changes, just try to change the small things – you will see a major difference!