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Fight back against hackers during the smart home revolution!

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We are presently living through a rapid evolution of home life technology. Increases in data bandwidth and improved data protocol technology (which allow devices to communicate with your network without consuming too much power) have led to our simple devices in our homes receiving massive makeovers. For example, your doorbell has now become a video doorbell camera which can allow you to answer your door from your smartphone. Combined with the smart door lock, now homeowners can unlock the door remotely to let in trusted guests or allow a delivery service to leave your packages safely inside the front door.

And this is just the start. Engineers, designers and forward thinkers throughout the world are discovering new approaches to make our home lives less demanding, reduce energy consumption, enhance security, and screen our health. Currently, the average household has 10 connected smart devices, this is expected to increase to 50 smart devices by 2022.

Regrettably, with this fast uncontrolled development, our home system security has been left helpless against assaults by hackers and other equally detestable people. To place it into perspective, for each smart home gadget added to your home, it is like including another door that can be broken into. So now rather than simply securing your front door with a deadbolt, you have to do likewise with 50 different doorways.

The perils of this evolution may not be obvious. Security specialists and designers in an exhibit demonstrated that they could hack into a smart lightbulb of an office building and take control of the lights for the whole complex. It starts to get more troubling when we consider a hacker having the ability to control the aforementioned smart door locks (giving boundless physical access to your home) and video doorbell (which could screen when you have left home).

Luckily there are currently numerous approaches to ensure your home is safe whilst the smart home security protocols make up for lost time with the market. In the accompanying infographic, we show some basic yet compelling approaches to secure your home, family, and gadgets.

This is a guest post and infographic is by Joseph Mack from smarthomeSAGE, a blog that analyzes the impact that smart home technology has on home life.