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Essential Reasons Why You Need A Roof Over Your Head

A roof is the topmost part of a building that covers the house. Whichever way you choose to define it, the roles will always be the same. The truth is, roofs cover us from a lot of dangerous elements. You can walk around the world but you will never find a human habitat that has no roof over it. Early man was smart enough to have shelter in caves, and caves have rocks as their roofs. Imagine having a house without a roof? You could experience sun rays through your house, or get rained on when the rain comes falling. Therefore, a roof is just as important as the foundation of your house. Roofing is the final part of the house that may either make it or break it. These are the reasons why a roof is an essential aspect of the house.


This is the overall function of a roof. Imagine if you had no roof; wall birds could land in your living room any time, or you could share the house with reptiles like snakes. The truth is, when we talk of shelter, it can’t be complete without a roof over your head. We may not all have the same living standards, but all our houses have one thing in common: the roof. Natural calamities are bound to happen from time to time. Imagine any of this happening when your house has no roof over it. Practically, a house isn’t complete without a roof. Protection is the main function of a roof.


You own a lot of items in your house. From furniture to electronics; all these are belongings that are secured by the roof. You are vulnerable to natural calamities like shifting weather. If you have no roof and you own a carpet or any electronic appliances, it can be very dangerous especially for the appliances that use electricity. A roof is an overall shelter. You purchase everything and place it under one roof because you trust your roof. Even your own family you trust it under a roof.

Water protection

The roof also plays a key role in the maintenance of the rest of the house.  Roof flashing is responsible for protecting the house walls from exterior attacks. Flashing is designed to prevent rain water from penetrating the area where the wall and the roof meet (joint). In the event that water leaks through vents and chimneys, then you need to consult your roof repair company or click on roof repairs here. If the flashing is not done properly, the rain water can cause havoc and damage. A complete roof has a gutter so as to direct water away from the walls. You may use the rainwater for other uses.

Privacy and security

The current world is full of technology. Drones are being flown everywhere. Even when visiting the sanitary areas, you’re not secured because anything can fly down and distract you, or anyone standing over the house can see what you’re doing. A house can’t have privacy when you are exposed, not only to the open air but to the world. Why would robbers need a door when the roof doesn’t exist? It will be the best shopping for burglars.


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