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Energy efficient Homes Tips and Tricks

going green

Tips and trick to create a home that’ll make you and the earth proud

If you are thinking about going green, you should know that it will not be as easy as it sounds. Eventually, of course, you will be making the planet more habitable for future generations. You cannot just wake up one morning and decide to change everything. Changing light bulbs and installing solar panels are just a tip of the iceberg; there is more that can be done. These tips and tricks will allow you to get a greener home and play a part in nature’s survival.

Wood furniture

When thinking about buying wood furniture, it is important to consider sustainably harvested options. It is always great practice to buy locally because it means that you will be promoting economic growth. Options such as bamboo not only provide you with high quality and durable furniture, but Bamboo is also the fastest growing tree on the planet. This means it only takes a few years to regrow. As such, the world will not be deprived of trees which are responsible for air circulation in the world. Whenever you can, buy a vintage piece. This will help your home look classic and elegant. It also means that no trees will have to be cut to make the piece you want.

Go organic

It is always easy to assume that all natural fibers are eco-friendly. However, if you consider some chemicals used to treat cotton, synthetic fibers are less evil. Therefore when you are considering buying cotton fabrics, ensure that you check the tags. Organic fibers are treated with fewer chemicals and are colored using natural dyes. It is also more eco-friendly to buy wood from animals that are treated humanely as the fibers are more natural. If you are thinking of synthetics, you should consider getting fibers from companies that recycle. Numerous businesses are making fibers from recycled water bottles.


Cut back on paper towels

If you love cooking, then you are probably using way too many paper towels. They are a weakness. However, each time you pick one you should remind yourself that you have been responsible for killing a tree somewhere on the planet. Therefore, replace your kitchen towels with dish cloths and rags to clean spills. Numerous companies produce washing machine friendly and hand washable, absorbent dishcloths. Other than saving the planet, you will also be proud of yourself because you will be saving a lot of money. These materials can be reused and washed.

Change your bulbs


Electricity bills are some of the most expensive bills in any home. These recur monthly and end up creating a dent in the pockets of many homeowners. As a way of saving the planet and your money- these are hard economic times- change your light bulbs. Consider getting LED light bulbs for your home. They produce way more light and consume less energy. You will also love the fact that the bulbs are extremely durable.

Grow stuff

Have you been wondering how you can get your back yard to look better? Plant a couple of tree or flowers. Plants have a way of increasing oxygen in the environment. They help fight off carbon monoxide a chemical that is continuously causing chaos in the environment. If you are thinking about a way to ensure you get planting. If you have a small garden plant some herbs or vegetables. Alternatively, consider growing your herbs or vegetables indoors using a pre-built hydroponic system.  This will save you money. You will not have to buy vegetables from the store. It will also be convenient when you want to make something to eat but don’t have time to go grocery shopping.



Even though you are ritualistically throwing plastic and paper in different bins, you need to check the number of plastic your municipality accepts. The last thing you want is to have your plastics tossed out and harm the environment. You, therefore, need to ensure that you are storing them right. You can also consider things in your home that you can reuse in different ways. For instance, transform that baby cot mattress into a cushion for a seat in the home.


Going green means that you have to ensure that everything you do helps you save money and keep the environment healthy. It is not easy but with time and practice it will be possible.