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Easy Ways to Make Your Home More Secure

how to make your home more secure

Home is where your heart is, people say. It is also the place where we feel comfortable, where we can rest and recharge to be ready for a new day and a new list of chores and activities. When we feel our house becomes a vulnerable place, we need to take some measures and give our home its original safety feeling.

There are many options to make you feel safer at home. Here are some tips that can easily improve the protection of your house against strangers or external threats:

Keep your keys safe

It is always important to know where your keys are at all times. Keeping out of reach from children can prevent losing them or having them taken by some other person we don’t know. Children may not understand how important keys are and play with them, misplacing them very often. A special place for keys and good key rings are essential to cover this topic.

Upgrade locks

Traditional doors can be sometimes unsafe; they are easy to open and offer very little protection against intruders. It is a good idea to call your local and reliable locksmith and upgrade the locks of the main doors of your house.

Watch out for prying eyes

Keep those items that you value the most and may look expensive away from the windows. This way your objects won’t catch anybody’s attention, and your home will be less interesting for burglars and strangers.

Install an alarm

A house alarm can be an easy way to improve security in your house rapidly. It can be one that detects when doors or windows are opened; it can also be one that activates with movement. Special movement detection alarms can be set to trigger a sound when big objects move; this is due to prevent the alarm from activating with the movement of a small pet or other small animals.

Don’t advertise

Whatever improvement you are getting for your house, don’t shout it out loud. Safety measures have to be kept private. Those who want to break these safety precautions must not find how to get to your house. So, don’t tell the whole neighborhood about that special alarm you are installing. You may know them, but you don’t know how many people they talk to daily.

Use lights

Having a well-illuminated house is vital for safety. Dark places are known to be perfect for hiding, and we don’t want to provide any hiding spot to potential thieves or intruders in our backyard or patio. Make sure your house has bright and powerful lights that can illuminate all areas.

Remember to select the right bulbs for your backyard. Led bulbs, for example, won’t attract bugs and last longer than incandescent bulbs.

Secure your garage

It is common to think of front and backdoors when it comes to safety, but there is one place that should not be left out: the garage. Check the door system works correctly and you can be sure it is not left open and unattended.

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Keep your landscaping neat and trimmed

Be sure to check if any local laws talk about a permitted length for your lawn and size for the plants of the house. The reason this may be included in the laws is that having big bushes or trees can enormously impede visibility. Something similar to what happens in dark places; they are just perfect for hiding.

Besides, in optimal conditions, you should be able to have a clear view of your surroundings from any of your house windows. If there are many branches and bushes covering your windows they will act as a natural curtain that you cannot open.

Log it

Keep a record of your valuable items, and take photos of them. Keep this record in a safe place and only use it to tell authorities about your belongings in case of an emergency or if some stranger has broken into your house. Having an organized list of your valuable possessions can help you keep track of any changes or modifications they may have suffered.

Check your cover now

Check if your insurance company offers enough protection for the type of house you have, and the items that belong to you. Some companies offer limited protection that varies according to how much you can afford. Being protected against natural phenomena is usually covered, but what about burglary?