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Don’t Fear Summer Storms, Get Help With Your Trees

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Don’t Fear Summer Storms, Get Help With Your Trees

Summer is a time when weather patterns clash and the heat can cause some nasty storms – unfortunately, the landscape of your home may suffer because of these pesky storms. There is no need to worry if you live in Alberta because there are a few excellent Edmonton arborists that can help you whip your yard back into shape after a bad storm.

Before the Storm

The best plan of action is to keep your trees pruned all summer long so you do not run into trouble. It is possible to do tree pruning yourself, but it can be dangerous if you don’t have the right equipment and know-how – plus, wouldn’t you rather be having fun in the sun? If you contact an Edmonton arborist, they can help you out with tree pruning services this summer and work with your entire yard to get it storm ready. Leave the tree pruning to the arborists, they know what they are doing.

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You can always work on your yard, but there are many jobs around your yard that are just too dangerous, especially cutting trees and high limbs. Using a chain saw is a difficult skill to master and there are things to consider that an amateur might overlook. It is okay to do little clean-up tasks and weeding around your yard, but you want to hire an insured, competent tree-care specialist to complete the more dangerous tree pruning jobs on your property. You always want to vet the company who you hire for tree removal and make sure that their methods are environmentally friendly. The whole point of having trees in your yard is to increase green space and carbon sink, so if the arborists you employ are cutting corners and jeopardizing the environment, it sort of defeats the purpose.

ISA Certification

Hiring an arborist that has ISA certification is important so you know your yard care job is done right. The International Society of Arboriculture is a group of dedicated individuals that want to make sure you hire the best-qualified arborist.An ISA certified arborists is an arborist you can trust to get the job done correctly on your property and abide the rules and regulations in place for the safety of yourself, your neighbors, and the environment.

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Property Care

It is important to maintain your yard and property for many reasons. Safety is a big reason, but also a well-maintained yard can easily raise the value of your home. Maintaining a smartly kept yard also says something positive about your personality. You can feel very proud of your home when your yard is properly kept. You will also inspire others to make their yards beautiful when you put in the time and effort to be a responsible home owner.

This summer, be well prepared for storms and do your part to hire professional arborists to help you make the best decisions for your yard. Not only will cutting down unwanted branches give you peace of mind, it will also make for a beautiful yard for your kids to play in or for you to entertain your friends.