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Dolling Up Domestic – The Surprising Power of Property Styling

Living Room With Natural Light

If you’re a homeowner, you’ll know all too well that the best way to feel right at home within your four walls is to clean obsessively and move all your furniture around every couple of months to stop your atmosphere from feeling too stale. We all do it! It’s only a matter of whether or not we do it consciously. But when we style our property with a defined purpose, you’ll find that there’ll be a lot less moving around from month to month. Here’s why you should consider styling your property.

Make Your Property Market Ready

The above photo is a stellar example of property styling in Melbourne by Create Expectations. As you can see, property styling doesn’t need to be a strict adherence to current trends. In fact, the best property stylists and interior designers believe that designing ‘á la mode’ doesn’t immediately make your designs good, and that less is indeed more. When it comes to making your home ready for open house inspections, it’s all about displaying the potential that your space holds for its imminent new residents. This means de-cluttering and depersonalizing, displaying the space as open and inviting, and providing an array of potential stylistic options. Providing these options whilst simultaneously keeping the space open can prove to be a bit of a challenge for most, but the secret lies within subtle decor and accent pieces. Despite the fact that the room pictured above could potentially act as a single space, it’s segmented into two distinct spaces: a living space and a dining space. Each space has its own unique feel, but there are elements in both ‘rooms’ that aid in their natural combining. A pop of bright colour in every space (i.e. flowers and cushions), is all that’s needed to make an impersonal layout feel instantly warm and inviting.

Sculpting Your Desired Style

There are numerous ways to cultivate a style that you’re hoping to introduce into your house, but it usually always starts with assessing the pre-existing elements of your space. But if you know the specific style you’re looking to emulate, you’ll rapidly find that there’s more to property styling than going off a ‘style checklist’. Simply using minimalist elements in your design will not guarantee that you’ve created a minimalist space. There are responsibilities involved in creating (and then maintaining) an interior style. That being said, stylists with a keen eye for detail know how to mix styles to create a harmonious hybrid blend, if that’s what you’re looking to put together. Many interior stylists have advocated using the 80/20 rule – 80% of your space emulates one style, with the other taking up only 20% – though that leaves you with a small window of opportunity to make bold choices. If you had a very specific atmosphere in mind, chances are there are more effective ways of creating that atmosphere without worrying about defining the predominant style. You could argue that ‘bold’ is a style in itself!


Find Your Feng Shui

If you’re a homeowner who simply just wants to unearth your home’s chi flow, bear in mind that the practice of feng shui can be a little more demanding and a little less naturally zen than you may believe. The major appeal of feng shui is the concept that every single item in your house has its own place and purpose. This emphasis on order is supposed to eventually influence your own priorities; feng shui essentially inadvertently leads to wealth and good health. Naturally, such a meticulously organised atmosphere takes time to perfect, and discovering your feng shui will entail you having to make a few character changes yourself. In other words, you’ll need to feng shui your own wiring. You’ll need to adjust to the idea that everything must have purpose, and the process of considering individual purpose only grows to feel natural after much dedication and consistency. If you’re uncertain of where to start in terms of finding your feng shui, try not to feel too overwhelmed by this multi-faceted design concept. Remember that it’s just another style, and with any given style there will be an accompanying lifestyle. It’s just about deciding what kind of lifestyle you’re looking to build for yourself.

No matter what you’re looking to get out of your space, there’s no doubt that property styling will provide you with a keen insight into the potential of your home to be a reflection of yourself. And truthfully, when you start to consider your cultivated environment as an extension of yourself, you’ll grow to realize what elements comprise your own character. You should love what you see and love where you are!