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Cleaning Solutions for Mattresses in Malta

cleaning solutions for windows and mattresses

Diversey Cleaning Solutions for Mattresses

Cleaning is one of the most important tasks in a household, and at the same time, it can be a daunting task for the persons undertaking the cleanup. There is, therefore, the need to use the right cleaning products to provide adequate solutions. Diversey is a great company that puts into consideration the need of the cleaners. Diversey cleaning solutions are many ranging from products for floor care, and general room care.

A few tips to consider before choosing the right product to ensure you identify the type of surface you are cleaning. This is because different products are formulated to work on a particular floor or surface type. However, some products are multi-use and thus suitable for general cleaning. It is advisable to read product labels to identify the type of product and its particular use. Also, check the dilution factor so as to determine the right amount to use.

Diversey cleaning solutions focus on floor, toilet and general room care. They also have specific products to clean your mattress. Sylvia Bazaar in Malta give a free sample with every mattress that you purchase through their online store sylviabazaar.com. These products have been discussed as follows;

Floor care

The majority of floors are hard floors such as stone surfaces and resilient flooring. To maintain their quality, there is a maintenance procedure necessary. Maintenance makes the floors attractive, bright and protects from wearing out. Diversey cleaning solutions related to floor care are;

  • Cif Prof.APC Lemon DP

This product is a floor cleaner with an amazing lemon fragrance that cleans and improves the scent of a room. It comes in a 5-liter container and can thus be used for a longer period. Buying the 5-liter bottle also saves on the cost of frequently purchasing for your cleaning needs.

  • Carefree Emulsion

The Carefree emulsion is a floor polish. The product is used to give that smooth finish to the floor making it shine and sparkle. The product is a mid-gloss floor polish and should be used with other products to enhance the outcome. Such products that are high floss include the Carefree Eternum Floor Polish.

The Carefree floor maintainer can be used on all floor types. It is efficient for spray cleaning, damp mopping, and machine scrubbing. It cleans very fast reducing cleaning time by almost half. Also, the maintainer can maintain the gloss of the floor longer than other products. Finally, after using the product for cleaning, a beautiful and fresh fragrance is left behind.

  • Carefree Stride 1000

The stride 1000 is a low foam neutral cleaner. The neutral cleaner is mostly for wet cleaning operations. It is also ideal for walls, switch blades, lockers, and desks.

  • Carefree Stride 2000

Like the Carefree Stride 1000, the carefree stride 2000 is also a low foam detergent. The only difference is that it is alkaline in nature.

The Stride 3000 is a floor cleanser formulated with waxes and polymers. These two ingredients give the floors that extra enhanced protection and shiny appearance.

  • Carefree Stripper

The Carefree stripper is a great cleaning solution used on all resilient floors except wooden floors.  It is a no scrub or rinse polish that enables save cleaning time. The polish can be used with cleaning equipment such as the polish applicator or the Kentucky mop.

Toilet care

Diversey cleaning solutions relating to bath care are vast. The discussed below relate to the Domestos bleach brand.

  • Domestos Prof.Urinal Blocks Tub, 150 Blocks

Everyone knows how irritating urine smell can be. The professional urinal blocks Tub help to curb the situation by masking the smell produced by the urine. This creates a pleasant environment in the room and save4s on the cleaning experience.

  • Dom.Prof.T-Limesc.Remov.

As the name suggests, the product removes any lime scale in toilets. The extra thick formula makes the Domestos professional T-Limesc remover able to carry out the task efficiently. Also, the product can clean below the waterline, killing all germs and accumulated materials.

  • Dom.Prof.Citrus

The citrus filled cleaner is one that should be used daily. It is an efficient and fast acting bleach that kills germs. Like the earlier described product, it is also able to get rid of limescale. It can be used to clean many areas such as the toilet, sink, and drains.

Cleaning your mattress has never been easier with these top of the range products.