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Bored With Your Home? Here’s How To Make It Exciting

Home With Garden

Your home is your castle. It’s there after a long, trying day of work, welcoming you and making you feel comfortable, helping you chill out. When things go wrong – or even when things go right – you’ll always relish the thought of coming home and relaxing. Whether you’re a city dweller or a rural retreater, there’s no feeling quite like looking at a home you’ve lived in for years and seeing it as a friend.

That said, it’s still possible to grow bored by your surroundings even as you’re comforted by them. Returning to the same vista, the same environment every time you come home from work can feel stifling. Don’t up sticks or do anything drastic – there’s plenty you can do to make your old home feel exciting again without moving! Here are a few tips on making your home feel new again.

Add custom furniture arrangements

It’s surprising just how much a bespoke furniture arrangement can really transform the appearance of a home. Being able to specify exactly what you want a room to look like, then watching it transform essentially before your very eyes, is an unparalleled feeling. From beautifully-crafted themed bedrooms to sleek, modern-looking kitchens, there’s always something you can do with the furniture arrangement in your home to really bring the place to life again. Find yourself a great-quality DIY furniture fitter like this one and start thinking about the spaces in your home in new, exciting ways.

Plant a garden

Unfortunately, those of you who don’t have access to a yard space outdoors will need to disregard this advice (sorry!). If you live in a suburban home, or you’ve got back garden space outdoors and haven’t been using it, then that’s the perfect place to start. With the right combinations of flowers, you could create a veritable tropical paradise just inches from your home, or you could start a fruit and vegetable garden and grow your own food. If you’ve got pets, they’ll love this new verdant space, and the same goes for kids – plus, it’s a great place to sit when the summer heat makes being indoors difficult.

Switch up the wall décor

When you’re lounging around the house, your eyes are naturally drawn to the décor on the walls, but if you’ve had the same old artwork or photographs up for a long time then a change might well be needed. Take down that boring old landscape painting and replace it with something provocative and conversation-starting – a piece of abstract art, perhaps, or some 1960s-inspired pop art. If you want to go scorched earth, why not completely tear down the wallpaper, or repaint the room in a different colour combination? You’d be amazed how much of a difference the walls make.

Create a gaming room

This one will appeal more to those with the relevant hobbies, but you can substitute gaming for whatever it is you happen to be into – if you like reading, perhaps a study, or a home cinema if you love movies. Creating a room in which you can enjoy the things you love can really help make the place feel exciting and new again, especially if you deck it out with paraphernalia and assorted things that communicate your love for the hobby. Fill bookshelves with books, buy a big TV (you don’t have to break the bank for this) or get a serious sound system that will keep both you and the neighbours happy.

Add fun things to rooms

There are lots of minor decorations and accoutrements that you can add to rooms to make them that little bit more exciting to be in. If you’re in a high-traffic room like the living room or kitchen, why not add a chalkboard or whiteboard so that family members can add their thoughts for the day or draw fun doodles? If it’s the bedroom, maybe a chandelier or lampshade that creates interesting light patterns would be a good addition. Alternately, rooms can always use more artwork, different bed linen (it makes a difference, trust us) or a different, quirkier paint job.

Build a second-hand empire

The sheer amount of furniture, home decoration and other home items that are either available second-hand on sites like eBay or going for free at places like Freecycle is staggering. If you approach second-hand furniture in the right way – be open-minded, don’t dismiss items because they don’t fit an aesthetic – you could conceivably renovate and furnish an entire home with only second-hand or free items. When you take a step back and look at what you’ve created, you’ll marvel at how great it looks and – more importantly – how much it feels like exclusively your creation.

We hope these tips on how to make your home more exciting have helped. There’s no feeling quite like falling in love with your property all over again!