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Better Way to Install Metal Roof

Metal Roofing

When it comes to a metal roof is there a better way to install it or are they all the same like ordering a burger from a restaurant. If you are like me you are already objecting to the fact that not all burgers are the same, if you only pay a few dollars for a cheap fast food burger compared to a sit down a gourmet burger there can be light years between the two in both taste and price. The same is true about metal roofs and how you install them, there are cheap ways or low-class ways to install them and there are professional ways to install them.

Most Important Piece of Information

When taking on a project of a metal roof you need to know the most important piece of information.  No, it’s not the price, is the how size or the square footage of your roof that you want to replace. Proper measurements are more important than price because they determine a proper price.  I can’t tell you how many times I have given a price to a customer and they tell me they have been given a lower price. They soon found out that the low price they got was not real because the roofer measured incorrectly and came back and wanted more money than my original price to finish the project because he miss-measured. Don’t make this mistake, in fact, you need to be able to verify the measurements within reason of the contractor/roofer to make sure they know how to measure and there won’t be any price surprised at the end of the job. We always make it easy for our customers and even give a breakdown of the measurements when customers ask. If you ask for verification about measurements and the contractor does not want to give them to you, then there might be a problem with either hiding the price or not knowing how to measure properly.

What materials are going to be used for your job? This is a great question and if a contractor doesn’t, or can’t give you a long explanation about why the materials they are offering is best for you and your project, or they can’t tell you very much about the materials themselves, then one of two things is happening. They are trying to sell you on an expensive product that you might not need, or they don’t know anything about metal roofing and are trying to make it sound good without going into detail, or both might be true.

Tell- Tell signs they are blowing smoke up your roof

These are just a few quotes from roofers, most of them found on their website in printed form.  I’m smiling as I read them out loud.  I’ve been in the business for almost 20 years just installing metal roofs with over 1500 installed under my watch so the below advice is from knowledge and experience not guess work.

Quotes from roofers that think they know:

“A copper roof may last 50 years”

Copper takes normally more than 50 years before it turns patina green i.e. Statue of Liberty, it is clad in copper and has the original copper that is over 130 years old.  Notre Dame Cathedral has copper shingles still on it today dating back to 1836, so if a roofer thinks copper will last more than 50 years you might want to have them think twice. Copper is not by itself energy efficient, its properties makes it better than say a roof that collects the heat such as an Asphalt roof, but if you are being sold on a copper roof by it alone being energy efficient without the install of an under roof venting systems such as Therma Vent systems underneath it then you might want move on.

 Commercial Metal roofing

“If you are looking for an energy efficient roof choose copper”

The truth is that copper cost about 6 times more than a shingle roof and twice as much as a prepainted metal roof.  All three roof types can achieve the same energy efficiency with Therma Vent installed making the extra cost for copper a non-starter when talking about cost effectiveness

“Metal roofs will last 20 years or more”
If a roofer tells you that a metal roof is great because it will last 20 years or more, then they know nothing about metal or roofing. Last year we took off an original 1893 tin roof making it over 120 years.  The metal today is 3 times thicker and coated with Galvalume which by itself will last 100-150 years.  Add a pre-painted coating to that and you are in the range of 150 years to 200 years. The biggest problem with ranges like that is we will not be around to argue if it lasted 100 or 200 years.

 “Metal is good but Rain makes them Noisy”

A common misconception about 21st. century metal roofs, the old thin tin roofs from the early 1900s would make a ton of noise, plus there was not much or any insulation in the attic of the old farm houses which would make it even louder. The steel today is 3 times thicker and harder and denser than the tin of the old days, the rain will sound different than a shingle roof but not louder.  If a roofer tells you they loud ask him if he is installing a tin roof on your house?

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I hope you enjoyed this information and a little humor to go along with it. Life is too short to be serious about statistics, but real life always makes stats interesting and sometimes fun.