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Bathroom trends and ideas


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Unfortunately, many people fail to realise that the bathroom deserves a great amount of attention when it comes to its design and functionality and they don’t feel any wish or need to improve what they see as the dullest and least fashionable space of the home. Perhaps one of the reasons behind their attitude is the fact that such people don’t understand that the bathroom and the kitchen are the two rooms in the house that affect its retail price the most.

However, if you don’t belong to that group of homeowners and wish to give your bathroom a revamp, you need to be aware of the current trends and find something that is both aesthetically pleasing and functional enough for you to enjoy. So, let’s take a look at what is fashionable these days.

Going timeless

People have turned to ideas and designs that are evergreen, stylish, and practical yet not very expensive. This trend can be noticed when it comes to the choice of bathroom furniture, colour schemes, fixtures, accessories and more.

The idea that the bathroom should withstand all short-term trends and one-season crazies is not new, but people are now more focused on finding functional and aesthetically pleasing solutions, which won’t go out of fashion so quickly and easily.


The idea is to go for natural, organic looking finishes and natural materials, such as stone and timber, instead of chrome and porcelain. Matte finishes for tapware and bathroom fixtures are another features that you need to be aware of. Also, combinations of matte black and black are getting more and more popular this year.

In terms of brightness, people are now more relaxed about introducing darker finishes, with colours becoming more dynamic and opulent. The tones are warmer, rich and moodier, but all that has only one purpose – to show elegance.

When it comes to tiles and feature walls, grey, charcoal and black hues are becoming dominant, with brass, rose-gold or bronze details complementing them. An introduction of a light coloured timber, such as oak, or a raw power of concrete can make the whole place even more luxurious and balanced.


Not much has changed in this aspect since the geometric trend will continue to dominate. However, the change that has happened is present in the design of the tile, its form or the format in which the tiles are laid. For example, hexagonal tiles are now taking the world by storm.

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Tapware and fittings

When it comes to tapware, matte black and brass bathroom tapware seem to be going quite strong. This is especially true for brass, which allows for much versatility in styling. The problem with brass in some parts of the world is its availability, but with the increasing popularity, it’s expected to become more accessible in the future.

Rose gold and copper tapware are also quite popular, particularly brushed or burnished, which gives a lovely matte finish. Copper, on the other hand, brings about a sense of warmth to the bathroom.

Speaking of fixtures, rain shower heads will remain the most common feature, because of their appeal and the sensation they offer, while wall-hung vanities are finding their way back to modern bathroom design solutions, providing ample space for stylish bathroom supplies.

Basins, toilets and bathtubs

A basin is often the focal point in the room, and designers suggest using oak, bamboo or sandstone to provide the natural look that will always remain fashionable. It often acts like a piece of art in the bathroom, which is why you should give it due attention.

Toilets, on the other hand, don’t make great focal points, which is why back-to-wall toilet suites are a great solution. Rimless toilets are also becoming more popular since they are easy to clean and provide the minimalistic look that many people like.

Freestanding bathtubs are another feature that is making a great comeback, although they require a larger space to fulfil their potential. If you’re short of space, back-to-wall tubs are also a good option.

Lights, accessories and plants

It’s all about decorative lighting, such as pendants, now, creating the right ambience and providing a great focal point. Just like with tiles, the geometric trend is dominating the world of bathroom lighting and accessories.

When it comes to plants, more and more people are opting for some plant in their bathrooms, particularly against a darker wall, since plants bring the nature into your home and liven up the whole space. You just need to find a plant that thrives in a moist, humid environment and doesn’t need a lot of daylight, if your bathroom doesn’t have large windows.


Going for something that won’t go out of fashion is the key and the method to achieve this goal is to use as much natural and organic materials as possible. If you manage to combine all these elements successfully, you’ll be treated with a great bathroom that will allow you to enjoy the time you spend there or which will simply increase the value of your home enough to justify the investment.