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Avoiding Debt In A Low Budget To Buy Furniture For A New Home

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Nobody wants to live their lives in debt whether they earn millions or just a few thousands every month. Living your life in a low budget is not a crime or a matter of shame just as it is not to dream to decorate your new home in a low budget. However, it is prudent to steer clear from incurring more debt as much as you can, assuming that you have bought your dream home on loan. If you do not, then that is a crime that you will commit to yourself. You will live unhappily in your house and constantly worry about the money you need the next month to pay the bills right after you pay for this month.

If you are thoughtful and follow a specific process to decorate your home even in a low budget, you will easily avoid the common situation of financial distress that most home buyers find themselves when they spend all their money extravagantly. They end up making transactions that they cannot afford and incur more debt to buy furniture to decorate their new residences as they wish to.

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Steps to follow

Do not lose your heart and do be wise to follow the following steps to decorate your home in low budget with furniture good enough to satisfy your purpose and save your wallet and sleep as well.

To start with your home decor venture on a low budget, make sure that you focus on only those pieces of furniture that are of utmost importance to you currently. Make a list of it, and in it, you may include a sofa set, beds, and tables or others for the guests that may come for the housewarming and might stay back.

Places to buy

Since your budget is limited, it is wise to consider the places from where you will buy the furniture as well while you make the list of items you need.

  • You can try out the resale or flea markets that sell unique furniture in good conditions at a very low price. You can find items of your choice as they stock a large variety as well. If there is more than one store in your area, make sure you shop around before your selection as prices may vary greatly.
  • You can also buy old furniture form a relative or your friend so that you can save on a few more bucks to invest in other purposes to decorate your home. If you are lucky, you can even get a few pieces for free.
  • Try to buy furniture store floor samples if you want to buy it from a furniture store. More often than not furniture stores display items that are samples. If you choose to have that exact type, you will have to order for a new model that will be shipped to your home. But if you buy the sample itself, you will get it for cheap. Stores often sell their samples at a cheaper rate to clear their showrooms for new accessory lines or furniture.
  • You will save a lot of money if you shop at used consignment stores instead of new ones. You will find plenty of cheap furniture for home decor. These stores will typically sell items that are in good condition, and you may get up to 50 percent off on their original retail price. With so much money saved you may also add a few accessories or artwork in addition to your furniture to add more value to your decoration.
  • Estate sales or auctions are also very good places to find furniture that are not only in good condition but are unique and rustic at a very low price. You will also find lots of artwork, antique lighting, and accessories to match your furniture. You will find a lot of such sales and auctions if you search online or check your local newspaper.
  • Accepting family hand-me-downs is another way to save money while decorating your home on a low budget and to avoid debts or considering going through debt settlement reviews later on due to your inability to pay back. You will get almost anything that you need right from tables, chairs, beds, dressers, and others. All these will be mostly antique and of solid wood being decades-old. Little touch-up paint and polishing will make it look as good as new.
  • Mix and match your style and dress up the old furniture to make it look modern and match with your style. You can reupholster the plaid sofa from your grandparents at a fraction of the cost of a new one same as that.
  • You may even try out big-box retailers as you may get great deals here on furniture and other on home accessories. These are far better places to visit for people on a low budget rather than those high-end furniture and home accessories stores.
  • One thing that you must know is that buying a home is a one-time process but decorating your home is a continual process. It will not be over in one day. Therefore, be patient and do not buy all those things you need at once. Instead, wait for sales to save on some more money. Most furniture stores go for annual and bi-annual sales, and if you exercise some patience till then, you will get items at dirt cheap prices and also in a very good condition.
  • If you have a warehouse club membership, then there is nothing like it. Make the most of it knowing the tricks to optimize warehouse club membership.

With so many options to choose your furniture from, you will surely find one that will fulfill your need and save you from burning your pocket. Just have patience and wait for the right time to strike the best deal. Remember, people who work according to an immaculate plan are the ones that not only manage their family well but also manage their finance meticulously to stay away from incurring debts more than necessary.