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Show Your Walls Some Love With Artwork That Says Something About You

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When you are choosing a piece of art for any room, it is important to pick a piece that resonates with you rather than looking for art according to the room’s décor and theme. One tip for collecting art is to always go with something that really inspires you and creates an emotional connection. Find a piece that speaks to you directly and has a deeper meaning that goes beyond its aesthetic value.

There are many things you should consider while choosing art such as the subject matter, colour, size and style of the artwork. Look for a piece that truly moves and inspires you, and reflects your personality.

If you aren’t convinced about adding artwork onto your walls, the following may help to inspire you.

Abstract Art

Paintings have a magical way of transporting you to a completely different time and place. There are several types of paintings you can decorate your walls with among which abstract is a very popular choice. People often misunderstand abstract art because they are looking for something definitive and concrete which they can easily understand and interpret. However, the beauty of this fine art is that each viewer can find a completely different meaning to it. Whether you are decorating your home or office, or finding ways of bringing life to your existing décor, abstract art is an absolutely wonderful option.

Why Decorate a Room With Abstract Art?

The philosophy behind every interior design comes down to one idea – you should feel comfortable inside your home. Abstract art plays a very important role in creating a perfect interior space where you can enjoy that feeling. However, decorating a room with abstract art may seem like a challenging task because finding something that works with the room and brings it to life isn’t as simple as it sounds.

Abstract Adds Colours

Abstract art adds colour and interest to any room and one of the best things about it is that it is timeless. Abstract art is an instant conversation-starter and no matter how big or small the piece is, everyone talks about it even if they don’t like it!

Abstract Starts Conversation

Abstract art goes with everything – even if your room is traditional you can brighten it up with an abstract piece. It is surprising, but abstract paintings coordinate very well with antiques and old buildings, and you may have seen stunning abstract pieces in some of the best hotels and restaurants.

Abstract Says a Lot about You

Other than brightening up a room, our choice of art also reflects our interests and personality. A survey done by the Affordable Art Fair of 2000 people showed that one-third of them believed there was no better way to enhance the ambiance of a room and express its personality.

Even though it’s something you may not think about, you see your walls each and every day and they can actually impact your mood as well as your home’s appearance. For example, if you have very dark walls with no decoration on them, the dark colors are going to make you feel moody. The same goes for if you have plain white/cream walls that lack any art or personalization. The blank wall isn’t going to be very inspiring and may end up being a pretty dull place to reside in.

You should want people to walk into your home and feel instantly welcomed. This can be done by allowing your personality to shine through via abstract and vibrant art that reflects what you like and who you are.

If you want to add fine art to your home décor and aren’t sure about the genre or medium, go for abstract art and paintings. It is a decision you won’t regret!