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Add More Value to Any Home Through Its Kitchen

Those of you looking to sell their home are probably thinking of new creative ways in which they can increase the property’s value. A fresh coat of paint here and there and updated light fixtures can go a long way and they can make any home look more attractive. But why waste time in doing countless small improvements around the house, when you can quickly boost the value of your property by focusing your energy on just one room – the kitchen. Just a few repairs and upgrades in this part of your home can help you get a better deal and to sell the house much faster than you would normally do.

Why is the kitchen so important?

The kitchen is one of the most important rooms in any home. That is because modern homes are no longer living room-centric. Instead, the main focus in them tends to be on the kitchen. This part of the house has become more practical, multifunctional and, at the same time, of an increasing aesthetic value. More and more families now cook together which means that they spend more time in the kitchen together. This is no longer a place reserved for housewives but a zone open to all members of the household and even for guests. As a result, home seekers are now more interested in owning a house with a spacious kitchen than with a large master bedroom.

The kitchen craze in facts:

  • 80% of home buyers believe that the kitchen is one of the three most important areas in every home;
  • The half of all homeowners start the tour of their home from the kitchen;
  • Kitchen renovation is among the most popular renovation types today;
  • The second most showcased room in property listings is the kitchen;

How do add more value to your kitchen

There are many ways in which you can make your kitchen better. You can take a more functional or a more cosmetic approach. However, it is best if you balance the two things. That is because home buyers want to own a kitchen that is not only pretty but also practical and convenient.

Most in-demand kitchen features

Kitchen feature

Percentage of people who want they have it
Energy-efficient home appliances


New countertops


Water-saving faucets and fixtures


Bigger food preparation area


A kitchen island


Pictured: A kitchen with a big island

Budget-friendly updates

As you probably know, in order to get some money, you will need to spend some money. You can’t expect to transform your kitchen with a few tiny updates. Still, there are a few effective changes you can make that will not cost you a small fortune.

Accent wall

Paint one of the walls in the kitchen in a darker color. That will make it stand out and it will add some character to it. The best thing about this update is that you will only need paint for a single wall and not for the entire kitchen. How great is that?

Change the faucet

Upgrade the faucet in the kitchen or, even better, change the entire sink if you can afford it. Even if the potential buyers are not cooking enthusiasts, they will still use the sink to wash their hands or a few dishes. Replacing a faucet is also a task that does not really require any special tools or professional skills. You can do it alone. Single handle kitchen faucets are always a good choice to go for.

Change the rug on the floor

If you have a rug on your kitchen floor, consider replacing it with a new one. This can easily refresh the whole room. Just make sure that the new rug goes well with the rest of the interior. If you can’t afford to make that change, have the rug deep cleaned to bring out its colours.

Less is more

Every experienced real estate agent will tell you to declutter your home before you list it. A disorganised and cluttered kitchen will hardly gain a lot of admirers. Therefore, get rid of the junk that you keep in your kitchen. In fact, why don’t you declutter your entire house? Later, this will help you move out quickly. Plus, if you choose to use comprehensive man and van services during your relocation, this can even decrease your moving costs.

Best kitchen improvements you can make

Unfortunately, the kitchen upgrades that can really make wonders for the overall value of your property will require you to dig a little deeper in your pocket. But the investment will be worth it in the end.


As it was already mentioned, today families spend more time in the kitchen together than ever before. So, by expanding this part of your home, you will make the entire property more attractive. To make that possible, you will either need to add the adjoining room to the kitchen or to knock down a wall. If this sounds like too much work for you, try expanding only the food prep area. That will also win you some points.

Get new appliances

If you can afford it, do not hesitate to replace all of the appliances in the kitchen. Very few are the home buyers who would agree to get a house that has an outdated fridge or an oven. New domestic appliances mean a more power-efficient kitchen. Also, they make the room look more beautiful.

Create a chef’s kitchen

To make buyers fight for your home, turn your shabby-looking kitchen into a chef’s kitchen. In other words, make as good as a professional kitchen. Some of the key features of a good chef’s kitchen include warming drawers, premium appliances, a large food preparation area and a big dishwasher. You can also add more drawers, spice racks, canister sets, drawer organizers and other small features which you have seen in the kitchens showed on cooking TV shows.

Pictured: A modern chef’s kitchen

Remember that not all kitchen improvements are worth it. Don’t make unnecessary and super expensive upgrades such as installing a wine reserve or a Wi-Fi connected side-by-side refrigerator. Otherwise, you won’t get back your investment.

Video on Budget-Friendly Kitchen Makeover