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Accent Furniture or Occasional Furniture

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Accent Furniture or Occasional Furniture

Envision your dream home. From a wide encompassing area, fluttering curtains, polished or tiled floors to furniture, no dream house would be complete without them. There are different types of furniture and all are very important in making your home lovely.

But one type of furniture worth mentioning is accent furniture or occasional furniture. Perhaps you have noticed those lovely decorations while looking at home or interior design magazines. Those astounding prominent furniture that is used on various occasions which range from small tables, to chairs, lamps, stands to book cases. They are the furniture that can look simple but contribute a lot to the room’s atmosphere or it can be the furniture that is simply sophisticated and elegant, a truly magnificent work of art, that will immediately draw your attention to the room that it is in.


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Whatever it is, accent furniture is not just optional. They are essential because they make the room that it is located a work of art by itself.

Perhaps you feel that there is something more that can be added to your own living room. Is there a blank space on the corner beside your couch? A lamp and a small side table would be great accent furniture to add there. Is there an empty space in the middle of your living room? A coffee table is a great addition. If you choose the right accent furniture then it would surely be a great investment for your house.

Choose the appropriate accent furniture to add to your house or office by keeping in mind the following things.


1. Space

Image from: https://unsplash.com/search/furniture?photo=VkUFZhaKF4A

Measure the space that you have. A small wooden or metal side table can be a great addition to a cozy living space. Put a porcelain or transparent plastic vase with colorful flowers on top of the side table and it will immediately make any space livelier. If you are having a hard time finding a good side table, this website, www.lalcointeriors.com , offers tons of various beautiful side tables and pieces that you might be interested in.

If you have enough space, consider getting a bookcase instead of that side table. A book case can be a great accent furniture while also doubling as a storage space. You can display your favorite literature pieces that fit in with the theme of your room or display porcelain figurines and photos there.

2. Materials

What type of furniture pieces that you have at home? Are they made of metal, wood, glass, or a combination of the three? It is wiser to choose an accent furniture piece with the same structure to maintain the harmony and theme of the room. But sometimes, if you want the piece to stand out, then get a different kind of material than the ones that you already have. Don’t be afraid to choose what you think would best suit the room.

3. Harmony with the other decors

When choosing an accent furniture piece, consider what would complement your other decors. Would the color clash with your other decors? Does it have patterns that will complement the theme of your room? Or would the contrasting colors of the pieces enhance the room? Will the additional accent furniture piece make the room livelier or will it just blend in, unnoticed?

4. Cost

An accent furniture does not need to be costly. You just need to be meticulous and visualize how it would look like next to your other furniture. Ask yourself these questions: Where would you place the furniture? Does it need an accessory? Should you place an antique vase? Or flowers?

Be creative and let your personality through the accent furniture. Remember that it needs to blend, complement, and be in harmony with other designs to add more to the theme or the atmosphere of the room.

Just keep the given tips in mind when choosing an accent furniture piece for a room or area in your home. Your choice of furniture should not just complement but stand out.

If you are still having a hard time figuring out what accent furniture would go well with your decor, Huffingtonpost.com have an article with a compilation of websites that would make your decoration much more easier. Decorate with no stress by checking out the link here: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2015/08/18/best-websites-furniture-home-goods_n_3881090.html

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