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A New Wave Of Technology In The Construction Sector

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Technology has reshaped virtually all aspects of human life. Today, even people in the construction sector pay homage to modern technological marvels. They have found a way of integrating modern technology into their daily operations since it helps make their work easier. Tools such as belt sanders and other electrical accessories have become irreplacable in today’s world. Also, most of the companies have been able to thrive due to a reduction in production and operational costs. Hence, technology is the new black. The most familiar form of innovation in the construction industry is the PT Blink technology that helps cut down building costs of skyscrapers by half their original expenditure.

By using the PT Blink technology, contractors and engineers can complete their projects using shorter timeframes, primarily because they make use of off-site assembled building steel frames. Apart from PT Blink technology, other recent marvels have taken the construction sector by storm. They include:-

  • GPS and machine guidance for small building works;
  • On-site drone surveillance and three-dimensional laser scanning;
  • Adoption of Bim technology; and
  • Large scale use of internet Wi-Fi in construction sites.


GPS And Machine Guidance For Small Construction Works

Any construction project requires a parcel of land on which a building will be set up. When it comes to architectural building plans, every structure is documented to fall on a particular point. Thus, GPS technology helps engineers and contractors build structures within the right boundaries and with a lot of accuracies. With GPS and machine guidance, the room for error during building construction is eliminated thus preventing a lot of time wastage and the misuse of resources. Also, use of this technology will help scale down many materials used during construction thus reducing the overall productions costs. Due to this technology, future will become sturdy and durable.

On Site Drone Surveillance And Three Dimensional Laser Scanning

For any construction project, constant surveillance is paramount. However, not every contractor can oversee all the site works, primarily because of fatigue that sets in time and again. However, a drone surveillance system will ensure not only twenty-four monitoring of a building site but also the continuous monitoring of operations with great accuracy and precision. In so doing, the contractor can get to know just how much time a project will take to get completed. Since drones have been known to support individual weights, they might be used to securely carry pieces of paper with vital information from one person to the other within the construction site with high speed.



3-D laser scanning is also another form of technology that is gaining momentum in the construction industry. The scanning technology helps engineers and contractors monitor various development metrics thus eliminating chances of the erection of weak structures. Also, the 3-D laser tech will help planners and architects analyze how a particular project will relate to its surrounding, and thus come up with a model that possesses little or no flaws.

Adoption Of Bim Technology

In any construction works, the keeping of project records is vital. Previous civilizations have often documented information by way of writing. However, Bim technology allows you to store all the information relevant to a construction project in digital form. Besides, all data concerning a particular aspect is documented making it easier for the monitoring and evaluation of the entire project. For instance, all information relating to a beam of a building under construction can be input here. Photos of the same can also be attached to its file.

Large Scale Use Of Internet Wi-Fi in Construction Sites

Since vast majorities of the people in the world today have access to Smartphones, contractors also have adopted the technology that comes with communication devices. Using Wi-Fi, they can capture construction footage and engage themselves in live recordings. To this end, they can come up with a video inventory on the progress of a particular project thus eliminating the need for future evaluations. Also, internet access helps them monitor sites remotely, without them being within the construction area. By the use of Wi-Fi enabled communication devices, contractors and site supervisors can keep in touch with workers in real time. Wi-Fi is also important for monitoring drone movement and initiating instructions between computers and the unmanned aircraft.


Most of these technological advancements center on information and communication technology. As years go by, more of these innovations will come up. Thus it is the duty of contractors to keep up with such developments so that they can cut down on particular building costs. Finally, technology will help contractors realize highly stable structures with zero chance of being adversely affected by harsh weather.