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9 Reasons Why You Must Have a Safety Deposit Box at Home

You put your money in a bank and your food in the freezer. So why do you store your valuables in unsafe places or just about anywhere? If you truly want to safeguard your treasures and important documents, you should be storing them in a safety deposit box.

For your important items to survive any disaster, they deserve to have the safest refuge. Below are notable reasons why you should consider having a safety deposit box inside your home.

1. Protection from Natural Disasters

You can’t predict when a natural calamity will strike your area. It can damage more than your house and destroy your important possessions such as birth certificates, jewelry, and family records. The only practical solution to prepare for such an eventuality is to keep your valuables inside a safety deposit box.

Most safety deposit boxes are made of fireproof material. Regardless of what happens, there won’t be any issues with the valuables kept inside it. Even paper documents and photos will be safe from fire, as long as they are kept in a fireproof safe.

2. Lower Insurance Rates

Once you have a safety deposit box, it can lower your risk of losing items inside your home. This, in turn, will give you lower home insurance rates. You can use your money to invest in other things rather than paying a high insurance rate that won’t even cover your needs completely.

3. Protection from Theft

It’s hard to steal valuables from a home when they’re safely hidden and stored in a secure box. A safety deposit box is a great method to have peace of mind, even in case of a burglary.

Opt for a safety deposit box that is heavy and secure to make it difficult for thieves to run off with your safe and valuables.

4. Cost-effective Solution

Compared to safety deposit boxes available in banks, you no longer need to pay for rental fees annually. Having a personal safety deposit box at home will only require you a one-time expense and the box is yours for the rest of your life. The cost of buying a safety deposit box varies based on size and features. Choose what best fits your storage and security needs.

5. Avoid Misplacement

If you’re the kind of person who often misplaces documents and other things, you can benefit a lot from using a safe deposit box. Once you already understand and know how to use a home safe, you can keep all your valuables organized and in a safe place.

In case of your sudden demise, a safety deposit box will make it easier for your family to locate your important documents. If you have a copy of insurance papers in your safety deposit box, any of your family members may be able to retrieve them when you personally can’t.

6. Keep Sensitive and Dangerous Items Away

To protect your kids from sensitive and dangerous items such as guns, a safety deposit box is the best solution. Children love to play and this is why you should keep items such as guns away from their idle hands. Guns are useful for personal protection but to avoid misusing them, you should store them in a safe place.

 Prevent any accidental casualties by using a safety deposit box to keep sensitive and dangerous items away.

7. Safeguard Family Heirlooms

Your family’s most prized possessions passed down for decades need to be in a safe place and within your grasp. It can be your great grandmother’s engagement ring which you shouldn’t lose to avoid disappointing your parents, or your mom’s precious movie tickets on your parent’s first movie date together.

Don’t take the risk of placing them in a fancy but unsafe jewellery box, or in an envelope, however marked. Any prized possessions and family heirlooms should be secure and locked away in a safety deposit box when not in use.

8. Store Backup Files

You can easily lose all the files in your computer or laptop in case of a hard drive malfunction or other unfortunate disasters. Back up your files using an external hard drive or USB then store it inside your safety deposit box. This way, you’ll avoid stressing yourself from having to replace important documents.

9. Peace of Mind

By having a safe at home, you can have peace of mind because you no longer have to worry about your valuables. A great weight would be taken off your shoulders so you’ll feel a sense of relief knowing that the things you treasure the most are safe and within your reach.

When it comes to protecting documents, valuables, as well as your family records, a safety deposit box is the perfect solution.



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