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8 Troubleshooting Ideas For Interior Door Issues

Wooden Door With Big Lock

An ideal home is considered to be ideal not because it is well furnished and fully designed with modern facilities, but also because everything in that house is perfectly working. Everyone wants their houses to be well designed and decently managed because it shows your living style and makes a huge contribution to your quality of life. But that does not mean you upgrade your house every year and spend all your money on its design and new furniture. If you think that your house needs renovation because doors are not working properly or any other issues, you can simply do these chores by yourself without spending much.

Let us talk about your house doors, and your house doors play a vital role in your house security, not just your house but everything that is inside your house. It also faces your bad mood but always protects you. But sometimes you might face difficulty in closing the door, or your door might create that kinky noise or any such issue which could be risky to ignore. It might hurt your children or elderly people at your house, or it can hinder your security as well. Therefore, fixing your door must be your priority in this case. Here are some solutions that will help you in fixing your interior doors by reducing your extra expenditures in upgrading your house.

1. Fixing A Hanging Door

A hanging door can easily be identified when a door is difficult to open and close, or it has come out of the frame. It is very easy to repair it as well as it does not consume a lot of time and energy. There are some reasons which contribute to a hanging door, but you do not need to get worried about it. You can easily fix your door frames by tightening the screws. By doing this, you must remember that not to use a drill machine as it will make the screw overtight and create more troubles for you. If this does not work, you can change the screws, or if the hole is big as compared to the gauge of the screw, you can use a round wooden stick and insert it in the hole and then insert the screw to fix the door. But again, you find your door is hanging. You simply rub the sides of the door with the roughest and scratchy piece of cloth and then color your door by the side.

2. Fixing An Adhesive Door

The door might get stick because of increase humidity in your house as well as the setting of your house or if the door size is bigger than the size of its border. There is the simplest way to overcome this problem. Firstly, you can close the door by pressing it from the top and then open it. Repeat this procedure for the middle part and then for the bottom. At that time, note the area where you feel the resistance during closing or vibration during opening the door. Then take a scratchy piece of cloth and rub it forcefully on the edges where you noted the resistance during closing or shuddering while opening the door.

3. Fixing A Noisy Door

Imagine yourself on a strict diet, but you are craving badly for a piece of black chocolate cake secretly in the middle of the night; you make your way to the kitchen, but unfortunately, the kitchen door makes the noise when you opened it. You see your wife in front of you. But no need to worry, a good time is ahead. You just need to apply some lubricant on the connecting point of the door to the frame. You can use coconut oil, paraffin, or else a petroleum jelly in fixing this noisy door problem. So now you can enjoy your black chocolate cake secretly in your kitchen.

4. Fixing A Non-Closure Door

If you notice your door not closing properly, then it might have some problem with fixing the frame. Sometimes the lazy carpenters do not check the size of the frame and door properly, or just to end up the work, they use an electric drill to fix the screws. You can overcome this problem by losing the screws. If it does not work, you have to cut the edges according to the accurate dimension of the door frame.

5. Fixing The Security Device Of Door

The lock of the door is also known as the security guard, and it should always be in good fitness to safeguard. The lock of the door is easily identified when need repairs, and it is essential to repair locks in during early identification. Sometimes locks can be repaired by minimal functioning. But if you are unable to help yourself, so call a locksmith to fix the issues. As the locks are expensive, so not try too much by your technique. To maintain a good life for your lock, you may grease it with graphite to prevent it with dryness.

6. Fixing A Jammed Door Lock

A door can be jammed when there is dust accumulated between the lock spaces or may be due to climatic conditions. You can help yourself with a jammed lock by using some household items. You will just need a lighter. Keep your key in the fire and then insert it in the lock to struggle with the frozen lock. To prevent future incidents, you can keep your lock-in kerosene oil for 24 hours. The kerosene oil supports the removal of rust from the lock, which will increase the life expectancy of your lock.

7. Fixing A Termite Problem

Sometimes a wooden door attacked by insects that are known as termites’ attack. It is very crucial to check the quality of wood from which you are deciding to make a door, but if you got fooled by your interior designer and you noticed cemented brown linings at your door frame, this means termites have attacked your door. For this, you immediately need to call for a fumigation service. If fumigation does not help you out, you need to change your door along with its frame; otherwise, whole wooden furniture is at high risk.

8. Fixing A Faded Door

The sun rays might affect the beautiful color of your door and make your door faded and look ugly. This is most likely when the rays of the sun are directed on your door. But no need to worry about this also. You can fix this problem by choosing fiberglass material for your entrance door. By placing a fiberglass door instead of wooden, it will add more beauty to your house as well as the color will not get fade throughout the lifetime and no termite problem either.


Therefore, if you find yourself stuck in any of these problems, you must try it yourself first to fix it. This will help you save money. These are the life skills which one should know because early identification of flaws will increase the life expectancy of your expensive interior door. But if the situation is not under your control, then you should reach out for an expert’s help as soon as possible without ignoring the risks.