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8 Prepping Tips on How to Secure Your Family’s Home

It’s hard to believe that bad things can happen to you or your family, until they do. Emergencies and crimes do not discriminate, and you must know that some things taken away can never be brought back.

While you can’t stop disasters, you can prepare to reduce the risk of destruction. While you can’t stop criminals from causing harm or danger, you can potentially try to stop them or get in the way of their wicked plans.

Prepping for security, both of your home and your loved ones, is serious business. They must be at the onset of every family’s home preparations. Think about this: the FBI Crime Clock indicates that a burglary happens every 20 seconds. This means a home is being broken into even before you finish reading this paragraph.

A secured home must never be compromised. Here are easy and practical things you can do to ensure the safety of your family.

Start with the doors


This is also the starting point of most burglars, so you may want to focus on this, too. According to statistics, 33 percent of burglars enter through the front door. If you think they will go “Mission Impossible” or James Bond on you, think again. They aren’t that complicated, and they won’t waste too much effort either.

Perform an inspection on all the doors in your house. What should you be checking? Make sure that your door is sturdy and that the frames are strong. Check the hinges, bolts, jams, and locks. You may also put a peephole for added security.

Don’t forget the windows


Just as you mind the doors, you also shouldn’t forget about your windows. Apart from making sure that they are locked, check if the latches are strong enough.

It is also important to reinforce with tempered glass. Laminated glass is another great option because it consists of vinyl in between sheets of regular glass. This means the burglar must strike on the same spot repeatedly before shattering it. You may also increase the integrity of your windows by adding iron bars so that even if the glass is shattered the intruder cannot squeeze himself in. There are several decorative iron bars that can be customized to fit the design of your home.

Protect with a security system


The most effective way in securing your home is by installing a reliable home security system. There are different types of alarm systems out there, but whether you choose a DIY system or a monitored one, the important thing is that you have this layer of defense.

Different security systems offer different features but the basic ones such as a control panel, alarm, and motion sensors should be there. Honeywell home security offers different models that cater to different needs, and which you can upgrade with accessories later on. Surveillance cameras, detectors, sirens, speakers, and home automation are some features you can add to your system.

Light it up


Burglars hate the spotlight. This means illuminating your backyard, porch or front door landscaping is something you should do. Sure, a significant number of burglary attempts happen during daytime when you are at work, but that does not mean you will risk not lighting up your place at night.

Invest in lights with timers so that you can turn them on and off at a specific time even when you’re away. There are also lights that are connected with the security system and come with sensors for a more secured home.

Exterior upkeep


Look at your home as an outsider would. If you were to burglarize, where would you hide? Where would you enter? What would your red flags be?

Maintain a good visibility of your house. Eliminate possible hiding spots such as tall bushes and trees. Make sure to trim them down. Keep access paths clear and tidy so as not to give the impression that the property has been temporarily abandoned. Put up security signs in your yard to deter burglars.

Be careful with your trash

Some burglars would be surveying your home through the things that you throw in the trash. If you just bought a new flat screen TV and recklessly threw out the box in full view of burglars, you already gave them a motivation to break into your home. Don’t carelessly leave shopping bags, appliance boxes, and packaging of other valuable items outside.

Buddy up with neighbors



Don’t be that neighbor who is rumored to be living a secret life because you don’t know how to socialize. Get to know your neighbors because they can be your first line of defense when an emergency happens. They can also keep an eye on your property or pick up your mail or packages when you’re away. Make an effort to build a good and mutually beneficial relationship with your neighbors.

Protect from extreme weather


Apart from burglar-proofing your home, you must also prep your home for extreme weather conditions such as winter. Home preparations should include sealing your windows and doors, and adding insulation. Inspect your roof and repair the damages, and consider insulating exposed water pipes that may crack or burst. Consider installing a smart thermostat that will enable you to control your home’s temperature remotely.

Know who to call


Get to know who to call in case of an emergency. Everyone in the household must know the number of the police, nearest hospital, ambulance, fire bureau, and so on. If there’s a neighborhood watch group that would also be great to include in your list.

Have a plan

Despite your security measures, you must also have an emergency plan should these fail. It is important to set rules amongst yourselves such as locking the doors, what to do when strangers knock, and arming or disarming your security system. To ensure family security, you must also have an exit strategy in the event of fire or flooding.

Your home is your fortress, and it should remain that way. You must feel safe in it, and it must give you peace of mind. Prepping your home to make it more secure should always be on top of your priorities, and don’t wait until it’s too late.