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7 Reasons Why We Should Install Soundproof Windows and Doors


Residing in a home with constant ambient noise from a heavily trafficked road, street or vehicles can spoil even the most idyllic of locations. Even though some people get adjusted to it, in most cases unwanted noise can become a major disruption in their lives. Noises can significantly affect your health, sleep, and concentration. It can also influence your work, mood, and be a constant reason of tension. Soundproof windows and doors are a good investment that will reduce intrusive noise.

According to scientific research, more than 90 percent of these superfluous exterior sounds come through windows and doors. Acoustically engineered soundproof glass windows or doors can reduce noise pollution by dissipating the sound waves and reducing noise levels by 75-95 percent.

What Are Soundproof Windows?

Windows and doors are the greatest conductors of noise in a building. Noise is transmitted through your windows due to air leakage and vibrating glass. The soundproof feature in windows can block up to 90-95 percent of noise coming through windows. Typically, a soundproof window incorporates a second pane of glass inside the existing window. This specific pane is built with laminated special soundproofing glass to create a sound-reducing air pocket. Sound reduction is achieved through density and space.Since, soundproof windows and doors have to control or stop multiple noise frequencies, noises at different decibel levels and pitches, it is important for these doors or windows to feature multiple layers of glass in various thicknesses, an air or gas cavity and insulated frames to stop noise transfer.

How the Windows Work

The simple alternative to lower the amount of sound in a home or office is to capture excess noise and prevent it from entering indoor space. Installing soundproof windows can accomplish this objective, provided you fulfill three main features –

  • Adding more mass (meaning using thick window glass)
  • Additional airspace (soundproof windows increase the distance between two window panes so that more sound can be kept out of indoor areas)
  • Usage of laminated glass (as this type of glass reduces noise transmission by adding plastic between the two layers of window glass)


Top Reasons to Install Soundproof Windows and Doors

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One of the most fundamental reasons for installing soundproof windows or doors is to block all the unwanted outside noises. Here are some of the other reasons to install soundproof windows and doors –

  • Increase the value of your home – Incorporating soundproof feature in windows and doors can potentially increase the real estate value of your home. Less noise reduces tension levels and allows people to become more productive, comfortable and creative, thereby providing increased privacy. This enhances the aesthetics of your home and makes your home more energy efficient. The value of the property will skyrocket as prospective buyers will be interested to pay a premium for a quiet and comfortable property compared to other loud and noisy alternatives.


  • Higher security – As laminated glass is used for soundproofing doors or windows, the aspect of security is increased. Generally, sliding glass doors have tempered glass which can be easily broken by an intruder. A laminated glass on the other hand, is extremely difficult and time-consuming to break through.


  • Improve energy efficiency – Soundproofing windows and glass doors can help in reducing the amount of air infiltration, convection, and also prevent more radiation from entering your house. This, in turn, will improve the energy efficiency of your home. Adding the inner window gives an additional layer of insulation and this, in turn, can reduce the heating-cooling portion of energy bills by 15-30%.


  • Easy installation – Installing and operating soundproof windows and doors is not only an easy task, but their operation also requires very little effort. In most cases, you may not need a replacement, since you can always install them behind existing windows.


  • Reduce dirt and drafts – Besides reducing noise levels, soundproofing windows, and doors can reduce the amount of moisture, dirt, and drafts in a home which in turn can benefit both indoor and outdoor aspects of a residence. This means that their installation comes with less cleaning and they will also remain clean for a longer period of time. Due to a more secure window structure that blocks unwanted dirt and drafts, the temperature within your home will also be improved.


  • Reduced stress and better health – Unwanted noise can cause serious discomfort and increase stress levels. There are several harmful effects of superfluous noise in our home or work environment. Installing soundproof feature indoors and windows will help to reduce unwanted noise and virtually eliminate the amount the stress.


  • Increase productivity – A comfortable working environment substantially increases productivity. Reducing or eliminating unwanted noise and distractions using soundproof devices will allow people to become more efficient.