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6 Things to Know Before Buying Portable Evaporative Cooler

Hot summer months can be frustrating and expensive, especially when trying to keep your premises cool and comfortable. It is for this reason that people are opting for portable evaporative cooler. These evaporative air coolers not only offer natural and efficient cooling, but they also do it cost-effectively. There are 6 crucial features that you need to understand to choose the right one for your needs.

1. What is evaporative cooler and how does it work?

First, you need to understand what kind of a cooler this is and how it works before purchasing one.

Evaporative coolers are also referred to as a desert cooler, air cooler, or swamp cooler. It is a cooling device that still uses the ancient climate and weather control features to cool spaces. It works the same way like when people feel a cool breeze hitting their bodies.

How does Air cooler work?

This cooler uses a simple, yet effective scientific principle popularly known as evaporative cooling. This principle is based on a fairly common natural phenomenon that occurs in our environment. An excellent way to illustrate this would be through the use of a swimming pool. The way you experience a cooling effect as you come out of a swimming pool is the same way that the evaporative cooling system works.

When you get out of the swimming pool, the dry air in the atmosphere blows through the water on your skin absorbing some of it. As the water is absorbed, it automatically turns into gas, thereby cooling your body. This natural air cycle efficiently helps to cool the skin and the area around it.

The modern evaporative cooling system uses the same principle to cool air. Its outer fans draw in dry air and pass it through the wet filter pads to remove any impurities it might contain. This also helps to cool the air as the water in the pad evaporates. As a result, cool clean air is emitted from the evaporative cooler into the designated area.

An evaporative cooler has a pump that is connected to the coolers whose primary purpose is to make the cooler filter pads wet. The water is pumped and poured on top of the pads allowing it to soak in. The filter pads also help to make the air that is being released more humid. However, this part is not entirely necessary, especially if the cooler can effectively cool the air.

2. Will an evaporative cooler work for me?

Before buying this equipment, you are highly advised to visit or call the seller to inquire as much as you can about it. You might be surprised to find out that the climate conditions in your area do not require a air cooler.

3. Is this the right equipment for you?

The main determinant of whether a portable evaporative cooler is right for you is the weather or climate conditions in your area. As stated earlier, evaporative coolers work best in dry areas. See the table below

for more clarification.


As a general rule, if a cooler produces air colder than 70°F, it will create a comfortable environment; if it produces air hotter than 75°F, it will not. Between 70°F and 75°F is a gray range in which some people are comfortable and some are not.

4. What makes evaporative coolers different from the conventional air conditioners?

See below a comparison sheet highlighting the main differences between the two:

Evaporative Air Cooler Conventional Air Condtioner
Economical to operate Expensive to


Uses Natural,clean air Uses Recirculated air
Lower installation costs Higher installation costs
Requires little maintenance Regular cleaning needed
Environmental friendly Damage to ozonosphere
Allows for open windows and doors Effective in enclosed space
Works best in hot, dry climates Effective in any climate
Adds moisture to the air Removes moisture from the air
Quiet operation (for ducting air coolers) Get noisy when Running

5. How do I know the right size of the portable evaporative cooler

The size of an industrial evaporative cooler israted by the CMH (Cubic Meter per Hour) of fresh cool air it delivers into an area. There is an easy formula that you can use to determine the right size of a portable evaporative cooler for your needs.

Note: The air exchange times vary depending on the level of temperature and humidity in your area.


How to calculate the CMH (m3/h) of your cooler

For instance, if you need to cool the air in a tent that is sized 6 x 5 x 3 = 90m3

Air exchange per hour = 20 times

Hence, the total amount of air replaced per hour equals 90m3 x 20 times =1800m3

Therefore, you need to buy a cooler with an 1800 CMH rating



6. Here are some key features that you need to know before purchasing an evaporative cooler

– Pad Thickness

QQ截图20180126142030 Honeycomb cooling pads are the most commonly used cooling pads in evaporative coolers today. The pads are exclusively designed to provide durability, low-pressure drops, and maximum cooling. Before buying a cooling pad, make sure to check its thickness. A good cooling pad should be at least 90mm thick to provide sufficient cooling.

– Variable Speed Option

Make sure the evaporative cooler has variable speed options. This way, you will be able to adjust the fan depending on the different temperatures throughout the day.

– Water Level Controller

This is another important feature that you need to take into consideration as it alerts you whenever the water level on your equipment has reached minimal levels. This controller is used to maintain the water level in the tank at a convenient level. When the water reaches a programmed cutoff level, the controller automatically shuts it down. This feature minimizes the chances of leaking or flooding. Although it doesn’t exist in just any portable air cooler, it can be found in a medium or large portable air cooler.

– Water Level Indicator

In the absence of a water level controller, a good air cooler should have a water level indicator. Since you will have to fill your water tank manually, the indicator will show when enough water has been put in the tank, thereby minimizing the risk of flooding or leaking due to too much water.

– Remote control

A modern air cooler comes with a remote controller for maximum comfort and convenience.

– Timer

A timer lets you set an automatic sleep time on the device. This feature is crucial, especially if you do not want the equipment to run the entire night.