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6 Questions To Ask Before Hiring A Plumber

Plumber In The Bathroom

Plumbers can be accessed no matter where you’re living right now – you’ll be needing a plumber in Arlington, or anywhere else across Texas, for example. They can be considered as one of the requirements to having a well-maintained home, and since more and more people are investing in real estate, their number is also increasing. To make sure that you only hire a plumber who fits the bill and meets your expectations, ask them the questions listed below. Never make any hasty decisions if you want to get your money’s worth.

1. Are you licensed?

First things first: you should only hire a local plumber who is licensed in your state. Working with a licensed plumber means you’ll be working with a professional who has earned the necessary training and experience to repair or replace any plumbing issue in your home. A licensed plumber is also someone who is acknowledged by your state to work as one – meaning they use the appropriate tools and equipment to get the job done. Hiring a licensed plumber is crucial, so you’ll get what you pay for, not make things worse. And no, don’t simply take their word for it – always ask a copy of their license just to be sure.

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2. How much will be the total cost?

Hiring a plumber will entail money from your pocket. And when your plumbing problem has been recurring for weeks or months, you might even need to break the bank just to hire these professionals. Aside from looking into their credentials, never forget to inquire about their cost.

Some plumbers will require free consultation and even estimates, so clear this information before saying yes to any of their offers.

While you’re at it, also inquire if the price they give you is already the final cost. If not, ask what possible factors can affect the cost. Does the cost include the materials or just their services? Will any delay in schedule affect the final cost? Ask and make sure everything is clear before starting any project.

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3. When do you want payment?

The total cost is one thing and the time when you’re going to pay is another. But since both deals with money, it’s essential that you ask this question as well. Some plumbers would require down payment before starting the project and require that the remaining balance will be paid during or after the completion of the project. Some would also use a system wherein every “milestone” of the project is equivalent to a certain percentage of the total cost. Any of these arrangements are fine. However, steer clear of any plumber who would require 100% payment before starting a project. This is one of the most obvious signs that the plumber is a scam.

4. Who’s doing the work?

If you’re planning to hire a bigger company for your plumbing needs, ask who will be doing the work. You might be talking to a very experienced contractor who knows the ins and out of common plumbing problems in your area and later on find out that a newbie will be doing the work – surely, you don’t want that to happen. During your consultation, always ask who will do the work. If the contractor you’re talking to will also be the same person in the field, good. But if he or she informs you that another person will work, inquire about the credentials and experience of that person. Does he have the same experience with the contractor you’re talking to? How long has he been working in the plumbing company? Asking about the company’s recruitment process can also be very helpful to determine if the person who will take the project has undergone necessary background checks.

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5. Do you clean up your new mess?

If you’re hiring plumbers for the first time, you might have this notion that your home will look like new once the plumbers have completed their work. Everything will be working again and you’ll be able to live comfortably again. Sorry to burst your bubble but not all plumbers can live to this kind of expectation. While some plumber does clean up their own mess after the completion of their project, others don’t. The latter will leave you with boxes and scarps from their materials, and a giant dirty mess in your property. To help you prepare better, ask if the quote already includes clean up. If it’s excluded, ask why. Some plumbers will charge you with an additional fee for cleanup services, as well.

6. Have you worked on a job like this in the past?

There are many plumbing problems a homeowner can experience. You might be having issues with a clogged kitchen sink or most of your pipes are no longer working. To ensure that the plumber you’ll hire can help, ask about their experience working with the same or similar problem. When you hire a plumber who is adept to the problems you’re having, you’ll be at ease knowing that they know what they’re doing and they can do it with less time required. They’ll basically know what to do and not to do in order to end the stress you’re experiencing because of your home’s damaged plumbing fixtures.

You Reap What You Sow

Having a lot of plumbers to choose from can be viewed as a double-edged sword: you’ll never run out of options regardless of your plumbing problem, or budget is but at the same time, having too many options can be too overwhelming that you end up hiring an unreliable plumber. Narrow down your search by asking the questions in this article. The more you scrutinize a plumber before hiring one, the better chances you’ll have in being a satisfied customer.