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5 Ways to Select the Right Estate Sale Company to Carry Out Your Sales

It is important to have a plan regarding how you are going to select an estate sales company before thinking of hiring the first one you find on Google. Chances are, if you need an estate sales company and you are in the middle of a stressful life situation like divorce or death of a loved one, you will hire the first one who pops up on your search.

This decision could be more costly than you think. There are quacks out there posing to be estate sellers but in reality, they want to run with your wealth. Selecting the right estate sales company should not be done under pressure.

It is important to be in your right mind when you make this decision and sign the contract. Liquidating your estate does not have to be stressful. With the right professionals like the Delores Berendt Owner, then you will have an easy time liquidating your estate.

How do you select the right company?

  1. Carry out a thorough research – Don’t just open Google and think you have all the solutions. Yes, it’s a great place to begin, but find out more about the company. Look and compare not just the rates but the services as well.
  2. Ask for any references – Getting testimonials from people who have had this done for them is much easier than just looking for a new company online. Ask around from your friends, family and neighbors to refer you to the company they used. Word of mouth can be easily trusted from people you trust. Once you get referrals, you can then go online and look for them.
  3. Look for endorsements – There is no formal governing body for estate sales companies but you can get to see who they have worked for. Testimonials and reviews can speak volumes when it comes to their work experience. Big liquidation companies will display all their information for everyone to see without any hidden details.
  4. Hold interviews – Get to meet the person responsible for meeting the clients and discuss your needs with them. This meeting is vital as you will lean how their customer service is and how they handle the sale. Get to ask as many questions as you can and find out as much information as you can so you can make a good decision at the end of this interview.
  5. Keep an inventory – Once you make your decision to use a particular company, then deliver the inventory to them. Include all the items, even those that you may think are junk, and let the company itself tell you it is junk and cannot fetch a market.
  6. Get the contract and study it before appending your signature – Just because you have discussed everything does not mean everything is well paraphrased. Take time to study the contract to see if there are hidden charges and then sign it only if it sounds good to you. Do not be under pressure to sign it just because they gave you their time. No! Sign for a service you can trust!