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5 Ways The LC2 Chair Can Make Your Living Rooms Iconic!

Black LC2 Chair

The one place that is universally the center of every home is the living room. It always has a centralized location which is perfect for relaxing as well as entertaining. This is why the furniture here needs to be as comfortable and stylish as possible. These two concepts can be challenging to incorporate at the same time, but the LC2 chair by Le Corbusier fits the bill perfectly. It’s extremely iconic and has the ability to make your spaces feel trendy and relaxing. Here are 5 way you can use it in your lounge:

1. Coupled with the other icons

The modernist movement has a very vast palette of iconic furniture, and if ‘statement worthy’ is the concept that you want to introduce in your homes, then try using all of them in your living rooms; as demonstrated in this image. The red and white LC2 chairs create a nice, cushy backdrop while the Barcelona chair on the left and Eames Lounge chair on the right complete the stylish effect. Do note that these furniture pieces are meant for larger spaces.

2. Doing the L-shape

You can easily arrange the compact bucket-style body of the LC2 chair in an L-shaped layout. This image shows the perfect way to do so. This chair is a part of Le Corbusier’s Petit Confort collection and also features the LC2 two and three-seater sofas. You can pair all of these pieces up in a single lounge space to get a more wholesome effect with more sitting area. This layout is also recommended for larger spaces that can handle the scaled-down version of this collection.

3. Two and two

If you’ve got a small or medium sized space, then you can use a pair of the LC2 armchairs as the focal point of your living rooms for an iconic effect. The trick is to avoid any other heavy piece of furniture so that these chairs can take center stage. The chic, elegant features of these chairs will effuse your spaces with a charismatic effect while making a bold statement at the same time. Anyone who experiences the space will feel instantly enchanted by the plush, comfy, yet cleanly designed aesthetic of these chairs.

4. For a minimalistic space

These days, the minimalist lifestyle is taking the world by storm, and if you want a living room that features such an aesthetic, then matching a pair LC2 chairs with a 3-seater from the Petit Confort collection is an excellent way to do it. This image shows a great articulation of this set-up, where the high contrast between the monochromatic color scheme of the sofa and chairs pairs extremely well with the backlit ambiance and clean surroundings.

5. All out with the penthouse effect

The best part about the LC2 armchair and the Petit Confort collection as a whole is that it has a very sophisticated outlook that is timeless enough to appeal to contemporary sensibilities even today. The penthouse formation featured in this image is a perfect representation of how you can pair it up really well with popular trends these days. The collection of LC2 armchair, 2-seater, and 3-seater creates an iconic living room set-up that makes an instant statement on whoever enters this space.

There are a number of variables and subsets of this chair that you can use to spruce up your home. We hope some of these idea gave you some awesome inspiration to get started.