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5 Unconventional Garden Decorations

The world of gardening doesn’t have to be boring. When you imagine a garden, you may think of a collection of plants in a neat little row, but that’s not always the case. You can decorate your garden in many unique ways, giving it both a unique style that will have people talking, as well as enhancing some parts of your garden.

Here are five decorations you can add to your garden to give it some unique flair. These decorations are effective, humorous, and pretty to look at!

5. Rain Gutter Garden Beds

If you have some spare rain gutter, or just need to cut off a piece of your gutter, you may think you should just throw it away. Don’t do that! More and more, people are seeing that rain gutters are quite diverse and make for great gardening pots (image via pinterest.com).

Think about it. Gutters are lightweight, thin, and you can hang them up or place them almost anywhere. They’re deep enough to hold soil, and when you seal the sides so that no soil can get out, they make for great little flowerpots that can collect rain for a different purpose. So if you need to toss your gutter, or know someone who does, give your spare rain gutter a new start.

4. Stone Face Planters

A bust of someone’s head is a classic piece of art, but you never imagined it to be a good gardening decoration. Well, the folks at Stoneface Creations realized that you can take a head and add gardening flair to it. Think of it as a grown-up version of the Chia pet, if you will. You can give it vines for hair, dress it up, or just let it watch your garden (Image via stonfacecreations.com)

People often dress up their decorations. From sunglasses to caps, you can make your face however you want. Check them out, and add some art to your garden.

3. Bigfoot Garden Protector

For a long time, Bigfoot has captured the intrigue of our culture. Always eluding the camera, Sasquatch has made us question its existence, and if there are giant humanoid creatures we don’t know about. Everyone wants to find the creature that’s the missing link between man and ape.

Whether you’re a serious Bigfoot enthusiast, or just someone who likes his style, you can’t go wrong with some Bigfoot decorations. These come in the form of statues, like lawn gnomes, and will add a decorative twist to your garden. A statue of everyone’s favorite ape-man will no doubt get a chuckle out of people, and with its menacing face, it could scare off some would be pests.

2. Gnome-Eating Cats

The garden gnome decoration has become a staple of garden decorations, and while cliché, is there for a good reason. The idea of little bearded men watching over your garden is humorous. There have been decorations out there that parody the garden gnome, from gnomes that moon the gardener to cool looking gnomes with shades (image via amazon.com).

But for those who hate gnomes, and love cats, this statue has you covered. It depicts a cat taking over the gnomes. From eating one to grabbing one to choking one with its tail, this cat has had enough of the gnomey world. It’s good for a laugh, and for a way to add both animals and gnomes to your garden.

1. Honey Bee Night Lights

Bees can be quite aesthetically pleasing to your garden. Besides pollinating and bringing us honey, seeing them flying around is quite nice unless there is an angry swarm of them. Celebrate the bee by being these honeybee lights. They can stick to any garden, and they come with solar powered lights. You can watch your garden light up at night as the bees get busy (image via amazon.com).

In a world where the bees are in danger, show off your love for them with these cool lights.

Winter or not, it is never too early to think about how your garden will look. Get some ideas for some decorations that will make people chuckle, or be pleasing to their eyes, and create the best garden you can have. Whether you want to make people laugh through a mischievous cat or wow them with some stone faces, we have you covered.