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5 Tips To Find The Perfect Scented Candles For Your Home

Candles are some of the most sought-after interior décor accessories. According to a report published by the National Candle Association, increasing numbers of home-owners are buying candles to enhance their home décor. Candles are also used as a tool to achieve aromatherapy-like relaxation and stress reduction.

Today, scented candles are some of the most popular gifting ideas. This is due to the fact that they are functional and versatile, and can elevate the overall look and feel of any space.

Candles for Personal and Home Use

Choosing the right candles to display and use in your home seems like a straightforward thing to do, but it is imperative that you choose the perfect candles to showcase and light the different parts of your home.  To aid me in setting the right ambiance at home, I use Lava candles, a  candle company in Dubai.

1. Consider the space where you will place the scented candle

In general, availing of the same styles, colors, or designs of candles in your home will do little for your interior design. As such, go for variety when shopping for fragrance candles. However, make sure you choose colored candles that won’t clash with the room interior; always select ones that go with the room’s current color scheme.

Match the scent of the candle to the room as well. Candles with fresh, clean, and citrusy scents will work great in the kitchen. Spicier aromas are best for bedrooms. Bathrooms will benefit from candles with mild or light floral scents.

2. Select candles to enhance the mood in a room

When lit, scented candles can create or enhance the ambiance of a room. As already mentioned, fruity and citrusy fragrances work best in kitchens since they can remind you and everyone that food is being cooked or prepared in this area. Candles with citrus scents are also effective in neutralizing unsavory smells and at the same time, refreshing and calming the ambiance.

To create a cool and comfortable mood in the living room, pick vanilla and honey-based fragrance candles. Bedrooms need a relaxing and calming atmosphere as well and as such, candles with lily, jasmine, and orchid scents will recreate or enhance this ambiance.

3. Consider the current season

Scents can help your room (and you) transition from one season to another. Cool, floral, and citrus candle scents are reminiscent of spring and summer. Green and spicy fragrances, on the other hand, give out a festive feel during winter.

4. Select fragrances that you like

Aside from matching the scented candle to a particular room’s ambiance and the current season, you also have to consider the fragrances that you like as well.

Your scent preferences will usually depend on your personal experiences and memories. As such, you’ll take more pleasure in the fragrance emanating from a candle if it is a scent you like. For instance, if gardening and spending time outdoors are two of your favorite hobbies, you’ll certainly love smelling green-fragranced candles. Examples of this type of scented candle include bamboo, green tea, and grass.

5. Get the right accessories

Most fragrance candles can be displayed and used as they are. However, there are some candle accessories that are not only functional but will also help improve the look of any room.

a. Lanterns are great accessories that can help give your interior a touch of luxury. When placed on the porch or patio, they help make your outdoor space look more sophisticated. Lanterns also make it safer to keep a candle burning inside or outside your home even if there is a breeze.

b. Candle containers can also bring a dramatic flair to in the dining room or kitchen. They help create a romantic mood if you’re having dinner with your loved one. They also help ensure that lit candles won’t topple over easily. Candelabras also work great as centerpieces in any room.

Whether you only have a few or several candles adorning every room in your home, make sure you keep the usual safety tips in mind. After all, they’re not just for display. You’ll get the most out of these decorative pieces by lighting them so that you can brighten up any room, create the right ambiance, and bask in the lovely fragrance they release.