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5 Tips to Choose the Best Washing Machine for Rental Property

Obtaining and retaining quality tenants is a top priority for rental property owners. Square footage and floor plans are important, but it is the amenities that often seal the deal. One of the best ways to keep great tenants in your property is to provide outstanding laundry facilities. Laundry plagues us all and having a quality space for tenants to escape the laundromat can really lift your property above the commonplace rentals.

The cornerstone of any great laundry facility is the quality of the washing machine. Since washing machines vary greatly by application, you definitely want to obtain the best washing machine for rental property. When calculating the overall laundromat equipment cost, remember that having the best washing machine available will incentivize your tenants to use the facility generating additional income. Here are 5 tips for choosing the best washing machine for your rental property:

1. Choose a Model Based on Efficiency

Energy efficiency can make or break your facility. Initial laundromat equipment cost is certainly a factor, but the ongoing utilities cost is where you have the greatest opportunity. By investing slightly more on the front end to obtain a more efficient commercial washing machine, you will save exponentially as time goes on.

2. Look for High Capacity

All of us would like to spend less time with mundane tasks like laundry. Smaller capacities equal more time stuck doing chores. The washing machine like Maytag MHN30PD offers an extra-large capacity of 9kg. High capacity is the standard in laundromat equipment. Unless you have space restrictions that prevent you from doing so, you need to make every effort to obtain a washing machine that has large capacity.

3. Prioritize Ease of Use

This is incredibly important unless your laundromat will be fully staffed. In most cases, you want the facility to be able to run itself with no human intervention. Easy to use machines will help the autonomy of your laundromat. Options for the machines are important. At the very least, hot water, warm water, and cold water options should be available. Having too many options, however, has an opposite effect. These machines become more cumbersome to use and you will lose customers that do not want to learn all of the functions.

4. Decide Payment Options

Today we are not limited to just the coin-operated laundry machine. There are options to use debit and credit cards as well. While coin-operated machines are still the standard, you should choose the payment method that best resonates with your clientele.

5. Find a Budget Friendly Unit

Your budget is important when considering what unit you should purchase. Therefore, the big question is “how much do coin laundry machines cost?” Most property owners are pleasantly surprised at the affordability of quality equipment in this area. The recommendation when starting your search is Maytag since it is the most trusted brand in laundry equipment. The Maytag commercial washing machine such as the MHN30PD model price can range between $850 and $1500. Combine that with a quality, Maytag commercial dryer and it would not take much time to see a good return on that investment.

Finding the right machine for you is easier than ever. Online shops offer a wide range of suitable products and several offer free shipping to most locations. Maytag also distributes through local appliance stores as well as the big-box chains. This will allow you to find a local vendor that is convenient and that has outstanding customer service options.