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5 Things you need to know before you hire an Electrical Contractor

Hiring an Electrical Contractor?… Here’s what you need to know

When going for the electrical work it is important to go for some trusted electrical contractor who can get the job done. Here the most important variable you need to look for is ‘trust’ you need to focus on three things:

  • Define what exactly you need
  • Verify the potential Electrical contractor
  • Not everyone Electrical contractor will be able to perform the task

There are certain things you need to go first while you start looking for commercial electrical contractors. Presenting the list of things you need to take care before going for any commercial electrical contractor.

What do you need?

The most obvious question is, what exactly do you want to get done with the contractor? Are you planning for office/home renovation? Do you want to change the design of your office building, or is it a small renovation?

It is important to differentiate if you need a complete renovation or just a minor repair in the office or the home. Being time bond is also a good way to consider the repair. When do you want to get the job done? Is the consideration realistic and considering the amount of time a commercial electrical contractor will take to get the job done. Some contractors are able to get the job done within in 3 months which is ideally a job for 6 months. Even so, the contractors must be well aware of the deadlines set by the company and follow the expected schedule.

The good thing with a clear task in mind, you will know the amount of time that will be required for an electrical contractor to finish the job. In this way, the electrical contractor cannot deceive you with the given task and misinform about the time period for the task.

The best approach is to inform the contractor with all the necessary details of your project & what is the kind of building company is situated at. Is it an office or a home building? What sort of design is there? For instance, if you need a full renovation you need to look for electrical contractors with the relevant experience is this sort of work. If you are planning for a change in the interior of your office design look for an electrical contractor that specializes in smaller repairs.

The best way to test a contractor is by setting up deadlines and budget and see how the electrical contractor responds.

 What about credibility?

The second most important factor you need to worry about is about the credibility of the contractor. Is your appointed electrical contractor licensed and insured? You can always ask the contractor for references. The previous clients will be able to better guide you about the work of the contractor.

The estimated rate

The next important thing you need to worry about is the estimated rate that the contractor will quote for his work. Best is to get a quotation from several contractors to get a sound advice on what is the actual rate going for your task in the market. Some electrical contractors charge for hourly basis while others charge for project based. It is up to you and your affordability what sort of electrical contractor you can afford.

This method is highly practiced across the globe, to appoint contractors on an hourly rate. And in the hourly rate, you can easily afford the electrical contractor. The problem with project base work is that it is up to the contractor to set the deadline. For home renovation, it is suggested to go for an hourly rate, but for office or big project it is required that contractors are charged on project base.

Most of the time Electrical contractors use T&M (time and material) rates to charge the client. This means that the electrical contractor will charge you for the materials and the time spends on completing the task on the whole project. This calculation often contains the time required to buy the martial too but if not make sure to clarify this before starting the project.


electrical contractor

Is the project proposal custom-made?

Is the scope of your project clear and known, the electrical contractor can give you a better proposal?

It is a common practice to get the electrical contractor and he can easily get the estimated quote for your project right away. Do you need to install the tracker in your office? Are you renovating the office or you need to do alteration with the design? What are your expectations, the electrical contractor can come up with a price that will be reasonable according to your need?

Are the quotes missing from the proposal?

A couple of times it is seen that before you accept the proposal you do not go read the proposal carefully, which eventually turn out bad for you in the later time. Because everything is mentioned in the proposal and if the quotes are missing then it is your job to ask for them and ask the electrical contractor to put everything in writing before proceeding to anything further.

For instance, let us suppose that the electrical contractor has already started working on a project. For some reason, you didn’t like the initial design and you ask the contractor to change the design. Now, if the electrical contractor us sincere he will requote the contract and send it back to you, and if for some reason he didn’t mention that then ask him to do so. Because later on, he cannot deny his written term of the contract.

Another factor you need to take care of is delivering orders to your office. Often times the delivery gets done after working hours and you miss the delivery and redelivery cost you time and money. So it is better to ask set up a schedule with your electrical contractor in advance that can prevent redeliveries of your order.

On the final note

Remember that a good contractor is also a good communicator. If you want your office design to be perfect make sure you convey all your ideas properly to the electrical contractor and ensure that he understands what you are expecting from him. Yes, of course, there will be contradictions in your conversations that a good contractor will understand the differences and follow which will be the best route for both of you.