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5 Things to Know Before Replacing Your Roof

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The roof is one of the most important elements of a residential or commercial building, which not only protects you from the weather vagaries but also increases the market worth of the house. But as we all know nothing is forever so as the roof and other elements of the house. After a time period, they need maintenance or total replacement. Today we are emphasizing on the roof replacement, and other important things related to it, which one should consider, before starting the process.

As a roof is the top-most covering of a building and more vulnerable to damages caused by build-ups and living organisms like mold, lichen, and mildew. It needs timely washing and repairing done by professional contractors.

Listed, below the 5 things one should ruminate before replacing the roof:

1. Examine the condition of the roof

Before taking any decision, examine the condition of the roof. This step will ensure you whether it needs a repairing session or full replacement. Check for how older is the roof, water leakage, and damaged or misplaced shingles. If it is older than 15-20 years and continuously getting repaired then, it is the right time for the replacement. The home-owners with old asphalt roof have a choice of second layering on previous one, which saves some money from installation cost. But it also has a downside that contractor misses the underneath inspection of the roof and also miss the installation of an ice and water shield.

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2. What do you need in new roofing?

Now the big question arises what material and technique needed for new roofing. Over time the market is revolutionized, and quality materials are marking their presence in this field. From asphalt, and slate shingles to aesthetic and functional metal roofs, you have a wide variety to choose from. Although, choose a roof material and design by pondering about the weather and long-run investment factor.

3. Hire a contractor after detailed research

The market is full of every kind of roofers from experts to fly-by-night. Here you need to be more careful and never compromise with quality, as quality work only worth you in the long run. Try to hire the experienced residential roofing contractors which are well- known in the local area. You can ask friends and neighbor for references. Online research and reviews can also help you in getting the best residential and commercial roofing services in New York.

4. Documentation is must

It’s always better to keep the term and conditions on paper. It helps you with insurance and other legal issues. Documentation should include contractor’s certificate of training and expertise, insurance related papers, building permits, and other contract papers which spell about everything discussed such as selected color, material, technique, and areas being covered on. This step will keep you stress-free and build trust in the contractor.

5.Check before final payment

Never pay the whole amount without checking the overall work. In roof replacement work many nails get scattered on the ground of the house so, it’s better to ask the contractor for cleaning the area thoroughly to avoid any miss happening. Usually, residential roofing contractors have an industrial size magnet device to complete this task.

Good luck!

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