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5 Tech Gadgets That Enhance Your Home Decor

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The wave of technological changes has brought about a lot of innovations. The market is flooded with myriads of home automation gadgets. A hundred years ago, nobody could imagine that a time will come when the voice of home owners will be enough to keep things running. Technology has seen invention of voice automated gadgets for homes. They range from security cameras, speakers to water pumps. See these 5 tech gadgets that will enhance your home décor.

Nest Thermostat

Your winters are never going to be the same again with Nest Thermostat. The device ensures that you always take a hot bath. Once you install it in your house, turning it on only requires you to twist its dial. It has a screen where you can click to adjust its settings. Besides, you can customize it to your Apple or Android device. All you need to do is to download its application and install it in your device. In addition, it also works with Amazon’s Alexa and Google. This gives you an opportunity to order your thermostat to turn on, switch off or regulate it as you desire. If you left it on by mistake and traveled, it will automatically turn off itself after 48 hours. Its ability to control how it consumes power and send monthly messages on power saved reduces electricity bills.

Nest Thermostat

Philips Hue

The giant company was the pioneer in creating a smart lighting system and is still the best in this technology. It has a starter kit made up of three light emitting diode bulbs that are available through Apple stores. Once you install the kit, you can control it remotely using your smartphone. The starter kit comes pre-loaded with an app and a Wi-Fi receiver that allows control of brightness and color of the bulbs. The bulbs can be set to remind you of important schedules at particular times. For example, you can program them to turn red to remind you that it is time to do your normal fifteen minutes meditation. Did you hurriedly leave the house without switching off the lights? Do it right from your smartphone.

Philips Hue

The Ring Video Doorbell

Visitors no longer need to disturb you with ugly knocks. The Ring Video Doorbell will ensure that they do it gently. You need to install it on your door. Once it is pressed, it can wirelessly link to the Ring Chime bell in the interior of the house. Connect it to your Apple and Android device. When the bell rings, you get an instant notification through your phone or speaker. This enables you to directly speak to whoever is knocking before going to open for them. It has a video recording plan that can keep records for two months.

Eve Button

This portable switch that runs on Apple is a companion for every modern home. The button is useful especially to visitors who are not conversant with smart tech in your home. It allows you to program it to perform given tasks once pressed. You can configure it to work with other smart devices in your home such as locks and lights. For example, a single press switches the lights in the living room while a long press will switch all the lighting system in the house and close the front door. Each press will work according to how you have set it.

Nokia Body Cardio Bathroom Scales

Everybody wishes to check their health status as frequent as possible. This gadget has connected bathroom scales that enable you to check more than body weight. Every time you weigh yourself, you get this information: body weight, water level in your body and fat content. Besides, it will feed you with daily weather information and your heart rate. Every measurement taken is stored in Nokia Health App either on your smartphone or online. This helps you to monitor how much weight you lose or gain at given times. The device can detect who is standing on it making it useful for the entire family. It has a rechargeable battery.

Technology has made it possible to create smart devices that have redefined homes. Managing security and other activities at homes has been simplified through the use of these gadgets.

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