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5 Steps To A Clutter-Free Home

The season of spring is the perfect time to add some freshness into your life and personal environment. If you’ve been putting this task off for a while, you know that your will to actually start some work is only going to get weaker. Therefore, let the sunshine and waking nature inspire you. If you’re wondering where to begin or how to go about your home organization and decluttering, take a look at the following steps. These can help you get your home mess-free, cozy and comfortable.

Step 1 – every room is different

Before you start clearing up your home, you should have a general idea of what bothers you the most in every single room. Therefore, a good way to actually make a change is to analyze every room in your home. You can write everything that you find unsuitable on a piece of paper. Since this is the first step, you don’t have to get really thorough with your analysis. Simply write your thoughts and feelings about the look of every room. Don’t think too much about it. It would be best to use your immediate reaction to particular aspects of the room. That way you’ll be positive about the areas that bother you the most. You can use this knowledge later in order to take care of the most problematic bits that actually put pressure on you.

Step 2 – start with smaller areas

In general, whenever you start your home cleaning and reorganization, you tackle the larger rooms first. There’s nothing wrong with this. However, once you’re done with your living room, kitchen and bedroom, you probably won’t have much energy left for anything else. This is why smaller rooms like bathrooms and even hallways often get neglected in the process. This time, make sure to clean and organize these rooms first. If your hallway is packed with shoes and coats that you won’t need in the following months it’s time to store these away. For starters, place these in your bedroom. You’ll be left with more space that you can decorate with plants and interesting runner rugs. On the other hand, make sure to get rid of every product hoarded in your bathroom that’s either empty or you never use. Stick to your Holy Grail beauty essentials, organize them neatly and give your bathroom a good clean.

Step 3 – conquer the mountain of clothes

The first thing you should do is to pack away all the clothes that are not going to be worn until the next fall and winter. This includes the coats and shoes that you moved from your hallway as well. If there’s really no place to store these away, rent container units and solve the problem. Then it’s time to go through the clothes you’re left with. On most occasions, this is the most troublesome part of every bedroom. Ask yourself what you’re actually going to wear, what’s worn out, what doesn’t fit and what you absolutely love. Keep the clothes that will get some use. You can dispose of, donate, gift and even repurpose everything that doesn’t make a cut.

Step 4 – make your living room comfy

In general, the living room is one area at home that doesn’t hold as much clutter as the other ones. However, if you went overboard with décor or have trouble moving around freely, you need to do something about this. It would be best to choose a specific theme for your living room décor. That way you’ll be able to get rid of decorative bits and pieces that simply don’t match. If you notice that some pieces of furniture never get any use, then you don’t need them in your living room. You can organize a garage sale or try to repurpose these as well. Some pieces may look great on your patio. If you can change up the furniture layout, do it. This would be a nice and uplifting change.

Step 5 – face your kitchen cabinets

Get everything out of your kitchen cabinets. That way, you’ll be able to see all the empty boxes that made a mess, products past their expiration date and even some dishes that you forgot you have. This is the opportunity to get rid of everything that doesn’t serve any purpose in your kitchen. What’s more, when you declutter your kitchen cabinets, you will be able to organize them well. If you don’t like how your kitchen always appears messy, install a DIY vinyl wallpaper backsplash. This can transform the look of your kitchen. What’s more, the kitchen also deserves some effective décor. Paintings, plant pots and lovely curtains can make this room very pleasant and warm.

These five steps can help you declutter your home and get rid of any mess that bothers you. Also, use this opportunity to clean everything nicely. Open your windows to let the sunshine and fresh air in. Don’t forget to give your curtains, cushion and bed covers and even rugs a good wash. This task won’t take you long but the benefits of a clutter-free home will be significant.