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5 Signs to Know It’s Time for Gutter Replacement

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The first line of defense in ensuring an effective drainage of water in your house, the gutter plays an important role in keeping your house safe against water damage. Other risks like basement flooding and detritions of exterior doors and walls of the house can also be reduced to an extent with effective gutters.

The importance of appropriate gutter facility is more crucial in the areas with heavy rainfall. Many of us do not pay due attention to this significant aspect of our house. The fact of the matter is, it is important to ensure the good condition of gutters from time to time to ensure effective drainage of rain water.

However, gutters do not last forever, and a gutter replacement is required after a considerable amount of time.

Here are the 5 signs indicating that your house needs a gutter replacement:

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#1. Decay

If you figure out even a small separation in your gutters, it’s time to replace them. These minutely looking separations gradually turn into huge ones, leading to the failure of your gutter system. Fixing it with a sealant is just a temporary solution. But, in the longer run, Gutter replacement is the only feasible solution.

#2. Fading of paint

Gutters are painted in a way to successfully repel any moisture. But excessive exposure to the sun may lead to fading away of such paints. In such cases, not only does it look less appealing but its ability to resist moisture diminishes. Repainting such gutters can work but the surface never gets back to its original state. So, in such cases, gutter replacement is the only viable option.

#3. If Gutter Seams are Unleveled

Gutter seams refer to the area where the gutter is adjoined and sealed properly to avoid any seepage. However, with the aging of the gutter system, at times there is a possibility of some leakage which cannot be dealt with mere repairing. So, under such circumstances, gutter replacement is the only cost-effective option.

#4. Sagging of Gutters

If you find that your gutters are pulling away from the roof repeatedly and you are continuously having to re-secure the fasteners, it may be due to the rotting of fascia boards or water-logging in gutters. If the problem persists, it’s time to replace your old gutters with new ones.

#5. Presence of Mildew along your house foundation

If you notice any pooling of water or mildew near the foundation of your house, it is an indication that the installed gutters are no longer up to the mark. As this water logging will soon lead to moisture in your basement, which in turn will spurt the smelly mildew further. To avoid this, you should consider a gutter replacement.

Following are some of the important tips which you should consider while installing new gutter:

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  • Size: Depending upon the season, an appropriate gutter size must be used. For the areas prone to higher rainfall, it is recommended to use gutter with bigger sizes to ensure proper water seepage.
  • Type: Besides the color and style, the material used in making gutters need to be taken into consideration. Copper and aluminum are some of the options to go with depending upon your budget and other relevant factors.
  • Condition of fascia board: If you are planning to use the old fascia board while installing new gutters, you should first check its condition. A damaged fascia board cannot retain your new gutters for long.

With these tips it will not be difficult to decide whether you need to replace your gutter or not!