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5 Reasons Why Glass & Technology is the Ideal Partnership

Glass Beam LED Surrey

1. Connecting Your Home to the Outdoors

Incorporating glass into your property can bring countless benefits, including linking your home with the outdoors and creating a seamless space that blurs the distinction between inside and out and our glass flooring in particular provides a spectacular impact, allowing  light to flood in to your home for maximum light penetration into the areas below.

Not only does allowing in extra light bring the outdoors in, it can also have benefits in terms of your mood and wellbeing, as natural light can create feelings of happiness.

The fact that our glass flooring is structural means that we can cover large dimensions of space, rather than just adding glass to an existing floor and our impressive structural glass floors contain hidden fixing systems which mitigates much of the steelwork which further enhances the look of your home.

2. Keep Up with the Upcoming Trend

There is no doubt that glass is becoming increasingly popular as the material of choice for modern homes, so should you keep up with the trend? By incorporating our unique and bespoke glass and technologies, it is guaranteed to create a statement for your home.

Whether you have a domestic or commercial property, Glass Design and Build London combines our knowledge, expertise and experience to give you an innovative structural glass creation which is sure to impress.

3. Creates a Stunning Design Feature

If you are looking to add a stunning design feature and statement to your property, then glass is the premiere option. It is the perfect element to create a contemporary and bespoke design in your home, as it provides an elegance that can simply not be achieved by any other material.

The inclusion of our bespoke LED lighting system incorporated within our structural glass systems adds a whole new dimension to your home, creating an innovative and technological statement to an already impressive structure.

4. Creating the Illusion of a Larger Space

One outstanding benefit of glass is that is has the ability to make your space appear much larger. This illusion is created by the penetration of light into your home through the glass which illuminates even the smallest of spaces.

This is perfect for a small home, as it creates an almost open plan look to your property, and allows light to flood into areas where it wouldn’t normally reach.

5. Set the Mood with our Bespoke Smart Lighting

Astound your guests with our bespoke and unique glass systems with integrated LED lighting system, which is a world’s first. The RGB spectrum of our LED lights enables the glass to illuminate in the color of your choice – meaning you can create the perfect mood lighting depending on the occasion.

Our LED lighting system extends even further than this, enabling you to set the lights to pulse to the rhythm of your music! There is no better way to host an event and create a good atmosphere for your guests than with our sound reactive lighting.

Ready for us to install Structural Glass?

If you think that our structural glass and technology will improve the look of your home and your day to day living, why not find out more about the range of contemporary glass structures we offer and how they could benefit you?

We are excited about what the future holds for our glass and technology products and are looking into creating even bigger and better designs than we already offer, with motorization playing an important part of our innovations in 2019.

Whether you are looking for a centerpiece for your domestic or commercial property, we are sure to have the designs and products for you. Speak to our dedicated and knowledgeable team at Glass Design and Build London on 0207 074 8989 for some friendly advice.