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5 Reasons A Frameless Glass Balustrades Could Be Your Home Solution

frameless glass balustrade on staircase

Across homes and commercial buildings alike, frameless glass balustrades have quickly become the modern, luxurious standard for homeowners, architects and professionals in need of a clean, crisp and flexible look.  A good balustrade solution shouldn’t just offer hard-wearing practicality to come – it should inspire, offer a focal point, and even benefit a wider room at large.  Frameless glass solutions are increasingly popular with audiences opting for contemporary and bespoke projects both at home and away – and there are plenty of reasons as to why they continue to offer such value on a number of different levels.

1. Maximum Transparency – and Light

Glass is widely loved by architects and homeowners alike thanks to its incredible transparent nature – while perhaps previously reserved for glazing installations alone, toughened glass now has a firm foothold in interior design beyond the realms of fixed windows and doors.  From walls to staircases, glass is the king of modern interior design – and frameless glass balustrades provide an incredible sense of space and enhance the amount of natural light which can travel throughout a room.  Some balustrade solutions can interrupt a space’s design – poorly-designed units can clutter spaces – whereas frameless glass solutions can allow for maximum transparency, light and clarity.  Elysion help to provide frameless glass for a wide range of staircase and railing solutions for home throughout the region.

Living Room With Staircase

2. The Safest of Structures

For staircases and handrails, safety is an absolute must.  Frameless glass balustrades are in fact some of the toughest and most secure solutions available to the UK market.  Toughened glass fabricated and finished for interior design is positively unbreakable – and, should it ever be exposed to enough force to break at all, it will break cleanly – leaving no risk of sharp edges and therefore no risk of cutting.  Tempered glass, available in a range of colours and designs such as private, frosted glass, is strong, resilient and time-resistant – a solid glass balustrade will stand the test of years of regular use and installation.

3. Flexibility in Design

Glass has the incredible benefit of being positively neutral across all of interior design.  Its transparent nature allows for it to be used against unlimited backdrops and alongside any other touches and design standards.  It’s therefore hugely popular with architects and designers as well as end users.  Frameless glass balustrades can therefore arrive in an unlimited variety of designs, shapes and forms – to complement or stand out against existing interior design standards or to work hand in hand with new plans you may have already put into action.  Staircases and balustrades are amongst the most complex and unique creations to be brought to life – glass, therefore, can be your ally here.

Glass Staircase

4. Flexibility in Manufacture

There’s another reason why so many architects and fabricators love working with glass, and with frameless glass balustrades – as glass is extremely flexible and is amongst the easiest of materials to mould, craft and install, as well as to clean and maintain.  Flexible manufacture transfers additional value onto the end user, too, as it effectively means that there are more opportunities for you to create some truly bespoke looks and standards – bring bespoke staircasing and balustrade designs, brandings and twists to life with the assistance of Elysion’s experienced team of master craftsmen and design experts.  The low maintenance of glass balustrades, too, transfers to the end user – as cleaning and polishing glass units and installations is extremely simple – and amongst the least time-consuming of cleaning jobs any home has to offer.

5. A Responsible Choice

More and more homes and businesses are taking responsibility for their carbon footprints – and if you are concerned about reducing your impact upon the environment even through the design and installation of your new interior architecture, frameless glass balustrades are inarguably one of the best options you can vie for during the design process onwards.  Glass is free from corrosion and is therefore free from emission over years of use – other materials may and can erode and impact negatively upon the world around us – making it a thoroughly responsible choice.

Metallic Staircase With Glass

Elysion Ltd are masters in glass design, manufacture and installation – call the team about your ideal glass balustrade installation today on 01629 820030 or contact via email at your convenience.