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5 Plumbing Power Tools for Home Toolkit

Blueprint And Power Drill

Almost every homeowner invests in hand tools and power toolsto fix plumbing issues at home. Having your own set of tools to repair plumbing issues is far better than calling a plumber to fix it. Buy power tools online to make DIY plumbing repair works a lot easier.

Here is a list of 5 essential plumbing power tools to help you carry your day to day plumbing activities. 

  1. Angle drill

Angle drills are used for really tight spaces as compared to the standard sized straight drills. It has a variable speed that offers adjustable torque for a variety of applications. The angle drills are used for pipe installations or threading electrical wires.

In angle drill, the chuck is at the right angle to the body; hence it is able to get into much smaller spaces. A Dewalt Right angled drill is perfect to use for plumbing works. It has dual speed ranges 0-50- RMP and 0-1300 RMP for a variety of applications.

  • Auger Bits

When there is a requirement of drilling large holes, an auger bit is mostly used by the plumbers. An auger bit a spiral-shaped drill that is used to drill deep holes. It excels at removing waste material from the hole, therefore it is unlikely to get jammed in the workplace.

The sharp point at the center of their tip ensures that the holes can be drilled with precision and accuracy. It has a flighting which consists of a helical blade which helps in the removal of waste material.

  • Electric drill

This is another power tool which is used for making holes in wood, metal, and plastic. Apart from using it to make holes, the metal tip of the electric drill can also be replaced with the screwdriver tip for turning screws around. Drills are available in variable sizes and power capacities. This drill is powerful and easily rechargeable.

  • Angle grinder

An angle grinder is a powerful tool which is used for a variety of functions like to make cuts, grind, and polish. It has various attachments which include wire brushes, diamond blades, grinding wheels, and polishing pads.

The angle grinder is used to remove excess material from the object. These angle grinders are powered by electric motors or compressed air. Angle grinders can cut and sharpen materials like pavers, and tile. The result is much cleaner and fast as we get with the use of a hacksaw.

  • Sump Pump

A sump pump is usually installed under the ground at your home. It helps is making areas under the building dry and thus prevents the chances of flooding. The electric motor in the sump pump pumps out the extra water and transfer it away from your home to keep it dry all time.

The sumps pumps are available in two types – pedestal and submersible. In pedestal, the motor is placed above the sump, and in submersible; the motor is placed inside the sump.

Having these best quality plumbing power tools in your home toolkit helps you to make the plumbing job a lot easier.

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