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5 Genius Ways to Unclutter Your Kitchen

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Minimalist Kitchen Tips for the Organizer in All of Us

It’s all too easy in our busy day-to-day to neglect our kitchens; we make meals, grab drinks, and use dishes oftentimes only doing the minimum in order to keep that room clean. Every so often, however, there comes a time when we stop, stand back and take a good look and think, “Woah, this kitchen is so cluttered!”

It happens to the best of us; the good news is that there are several things you can do that you may not have even thought about to help your kitchen get and stay the beautiful, functional, uncluttered room it was intended to be. Here are five great tips to declutter your kitchen:

  1. Opt for ready-to-assemble (RTA) cabinets when remodeling or building your kitchen. RTA cabinets are not only quick and simple to assemble and install, but they also allow for endless customization. This means you’ll be able to add in things like matching built-in wine racks, lazy Suzans, drawer organizers, knife separators, and more within the cabinets and drawers to help keep your kitchen tidy. The best cabinets can be found online, loaded with customization options to maximize your kitchen’s space and potential according to your needs.
  2. Be ruthless with dishes and appliances you hardly use. Get rid of them! Many of us have plenty of things we don’t really use much that are taking up valuable space in our cabinets, cupboards, and pantries. How many coffee mugs do you have on your shelves? How many coffee drinkers are in your household? Keep a couple for the drinkers and a few more for guests, and get rid of the rest. No one needs seven mugs per person in the house. The same goes for plates; if you wash dishes as they become dirty instead of gradually filling up a dishwasher, a family of five will realize they don’t need 20 dinner plates! How about the appliances sitting all over your counters? How often do you really use the toaster oven or the mixer? Put them away in cabinets, pantries, or other storage areas and rediscover valuable counter space.
  3. Keep things together in a logical place. Many people find that grouping ingredients they use for baking (baking soda, flour, sugar, etc.) together not only keeps the pantry more organized, but it also makes it quicker and easier to pull things out without too much fuss. Keep other things close to where you use them; keep spices near the stove in a cute little spice rack, and keep sharp knives within reach of your preferred spot for cutting and prepping. This all will limit those walks across the kitchen that can waste time during cooking.
  4. You’re not the only one who can multitask. Contrary to popular belief, you actually don’t need one item specifically for each task in the kitchen. Double up to eliminate having 5,000 things around that you really just do not need. For example, use a cake stand to store fruits instead of a separate bowl or basket. Instead of keeping a trivet around, use a wooden cutting board to protect surfaces. Use a colander to steam vegetables instead of keeping a separate steamer.
  5. Don’t be afraid to get things in the air! Use vertical space – many of us have tons of it that we never use, most often simply because we just don’t know how to use it. Get a charging station for your devices without taking up tons of counter space by installing a hanging DIY charger station or use a countertop vertical holder/organizer for devices, pens, and the like. Use tiered stands for vegetables and fruits – you can hold a lot by using vertical space this way! Attach recycled wire basket planters and hang them on your walls to hold items, and install small shelves on the side of your kitchen cabinets for cookbooks that would otherwise take up a ton of space in cabinets or on top of your refrigerator. Organize paper stacks by mounting small shelves on the wall with baskets to keep those papers out of sight, but still easily accessible. Use a hanging rail to store utensils on your backsplash, or even at the side of your cabinet.

The best way to declutter your kitchen is to think outside the proverbial box and remember to steer clear of “the same old” organization methods. Use vertical space any way you can, and if you’re remodeling, check out RTA cabinets so you can customize your kitchen right from the start to give you the upper hand and win the battle against clutter!