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5 Full Apartment Cleaning Checklists to Do Before Moving In

When purchasing a new home or relocating to an unfamiliar apartment, your pride and excitement at the change in scenery can be dampened by the thought of all the unseen articles left behind by the prior residents. Hair, dead skin cells, stray toenail clippings, and residue left from years of coughing and sneezing are all small but they are easily left behind after general cleaning and were probably missed during the last tenant’s final clean–if they really cleaned at all! Here are some tips for ensuring that your home is a truly blank slate when you move in. That way, you can feel safe and comfortable without worrying what may be lurking unseen.

1. Have the carpet cleaned!

Carpets are by far the easiest place for the smallest of debris to get trapped. Tiny food particles, pet dander, and excess of moisture throughout the years can leave carpets smelly, sticky, and stained. Unclean carpets are one of the most common reasons you may experience allergy symptoms indoors. A single pass with the vacuum may be fine for upkeep afterwards, but on your initial move-in, you will probably want to hire a service with the capabilities to clean more thoroughly than your general home products could. Home cleaning services that are certified as carpet cleaners provide expertise in steaming and shampooing, and unlike most of these other tips, you will definitely require a trained professional to get the job done.

2. Check (and possibly bleach) every nook, cranny, and underbelly.

You know the spaces you don’t think about while you’re cleaning because you don’t really see them? Behind the microwave, under the fridge, the knobs on the stove, the vent ducts… All of these places are prime real estate for mildew to grow and dust to accumulate. If the thought of cleaning these areas sounds too tedious or makes you nauseous, as it would me, consider hiring deep cleaning services to do the work for you. If you are more mindful of your budget, remember that this tip does not require expert care–all you need is old-fashioned elbow grease.

3. Power wash your outdoor areas.

While an aged exterior can look cozily rustic, most homeowners want their new space to look as new as it feels to them. It might surprise you how much grime can build up over time, darkening surfaces and staining wood. If you want to keep up with the Joneses–or be the Joneses–you’ll have to refresh your image in the neighborhood. Power washing can be dangerous, but power washers can often be rented from various hardware stores and the like, and you don’t need a permit. Still, if you are intimidated by the blasting hose, home cleaning services, and landscaping packages can put your mind at ease.


4. Give your walls a good scrubbing.

This tip may sound strange, as a lot of people do not even think about cleaning their walls. We rarely touch them, and if there is no visible mess, what’s the harm? Unfortunately, this kind of thinking is exactly why you should immediately set your sights on getting rid of all the germs on your walls that you can’t see. Many people who want more vibrancy in their walls consider repainting them, but a thorough wash would restore the brightness and may even make you reconsider a paint job. Even if you do choose to paint, cleaning the walls is good preparation to be sure your paint lays evenly. This process can be done DIY-style if you have the time, energy, and patience, but if not, apartment cleaning services may be able to do a complete job with less hassle for you.

5. Check the filters in your heating and air conditioning units.

If the thought of sleeping on someone else’s dirty sheets makes you squirm, imagine breathing similar particles into your body through the air. This is exactly what you are doing if you do not replace or clean the filters left behind by prior dwellers. Dirty or worn filters can cause breathing difficulties and even asthma symptoms, much like mold. After tending to these spots, consider running a freestanding air filter to keep your home feeling fresh.