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5 Feng Shui Rules for Placing Mirrors

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If you’re a homeowner who actively tries to cultivate and distribute a positive vibe and good energy throughout your house, I’m sure you’re already familiar with the concept of “Feng Shui”. Feng Shui is a Chinese philosophical system used to harmonize people with the environments around them. It is very closely related to Taoism and translated to English, the term means “wind-water”.

Mirrors are very important in the philosophy of feng shui because they are reflectors of energy. Where you choose to place your mirror could have very important implications for your mental health, your relationships, and anything else that is maintained and developed inside your home. Let’s take a look at 5 rules you can follow to make sure your mirrors are creating the perfect balance of positive energy in your house, shall we?

Rule #1 – Use Whole Mirrors

The more you can see of yourself in a mirror, the more “whole” it will make you feel. When you walk past a whole mirror and notice your entire body, it gives you a complete sense of self then if you were to catch a glimpse of just your face in a smaller mirror. Not only is it better to use larger mirrors, it turns out it’s actually detrimental to use too many small mirrors as well. If you need a half size bathroom mirror that’s understandable, but try to avoid having to many small mirrors in your house as over time they make you feel like you are broken up into pieces.

Rule #2 Bring Nature In

One of the best uses for a mirror is to hang it somewhere it will reflect a beautiful portrait of nature into your home. Nobody likes being inside a building where you can’t see outside for very long. We evolved outdoors in Mother Nature, and it truly feels wrong in our DNA to go too long without seeing it or being in it. A large mirror opposite a picturesque landscape can bring Mother Nature into your home and allow the positive Chi energy from the outdoors to amplify itself in your home.

Rule #3 Place a Mirror in Your Entryway

Placing a mirror in your entryway will allow you to catch a full glimpse of yourself as you leave and enter your home. This is important because it reminds you of your own positive energy whenever you are entering a new space, allowing you to clear any potential negative energy lingering around you before you switch environments.

Rule #4 Don’t Use Old Mirrors

When you use mirrors that are old and dusty or have frames that look and feel antique, they reflect that energy back to you. So if you have an old, ugly mirror hanging around, you will actually feel older and uglier when you look in it. Also make sure your mirrors aren’t distorted in any way as this can have the same effect of making you feel uneven or off balance.

Rule #5 Hang Your Mirrors at the Perfect Height

You need to make sure your mirrors are hung just high enough to show your head and shoulders. Hanging a mirror too low will result in a completely off balance feeling for anyone who looks in it and it creates an odd sense of frustration in a home. Hanging heavy mirrors can be a challenge, however, so you should arm yourself with the knowledge of how to hang one in case you ever need it. One benefit of having large mirrors hung at the perfect length is that they can naturally light the darkest spots of your home and completely change its feel.

In Conclusion

Mirrors are a very big part of having good feng shui and energy balance in your home. Remember not to use distorted or ugly mirrors, and always hang them at the correct height. Whole mirrors are ideal, and they can be used to bring beauty from Mother Nature into your home. A mirror in your entryway can make or break the energy of your home as well. By following the 5 rules in this article, you will be able to make sure that your energy is always positive and perfectly balanced so that you and your guests always feel comfortable and confident within the confines of your home.