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5 DIY Tips: Turn Your Old Furniture into New

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Have you considered selling your old furniture and buying new ones for your home? This happens to many of us because the furniture gets so old and shabby after a few years that everyone has this option left. Why sell for less and spend more in getting new furniture home? Do you keep on changing your old home every time you feel it is getting old?

Selling is not the solution unless the furniture has got weak and can’t support your body weight. If the quality is still perfect and can be reinstated to a better form, why not do so? Let us start exploring a few DIY tips that can transform your old furniture into new, thereby creating magic in the old home.

5 DIY for your Furniture

Book Shelf: Do you have an old bookshelf that you want to get rid of because it looks dull than ever? Did you check if the hold of the shelf is still the same? Why not save some money and give it a new look for your newly painted home? You need two colors paint for the highlight and base color. It is your choice which colors you want to see. You can use the darker color for the base while the lighter to highlight. Start coloring. Make sure you have kept enough plastic bags around so that the floor is not smeared with color. After it is complete, you can place toys and other items to add a contrast and see the change.

Old Chair: We all have that chair which is without armrests. I am referring to that black and brown combination. Try to give it a fresh look this season. You can use bold black and white for the seat and light pastel colors for the backrest. When you color the seat, ensure you give it a geometric shape so that the chair stands out.

Entertainment Centre: This is a piece that needs to undergo a change every time you buy a new set of TV or music system. Alright, even if you get a new set with added cabinets for use, why sell the old one? Instead, give it a new look and make it more interesting than you had ever imagined. Take the entertainment center to your child’s room. Color it ivory white. It already looks unique. Now, the cabinet where the Television was placed should be colored as though it is a wall of a house with a window. Place a tiny curtain over the window-shaped paint. You can use a slate to cover one of the cabinets and the rest you can paint cover with glasses. You won’t believe your eyes when you see the final result.

Dining Table Set: If you are bored of your old dining table set, make it appealing to the eyes. For this, you will have to get cushion covers contrasting the color of your kitchen walls. If you don’t have cushions yet, getting new ones will be a makeover in itself. So, are you up for a new dining table look?

indian dining table and chairs solid wood

Chest of Drawers: There is no second thought that the chest of drawers enhances the beauty of every home. If you have an antique looking chest, it is icing on the cake. If you don’t like the color anymore and have started to feel that it looks odd with the rest of the décor in the room, you can paint in bright. You can also change the design of the knobs on the drawers. It will be fresh and new to the room and your eyes.

These DIYs will save you a fortune because you will need only paint colors, knobs, paint brushes of different sizes and some patience. You can try these options as long as you want to save. Otherwise, you are free to choose your way of beautifying your home. Nowadays, people believe in recycling that reinvesting in new. This is one of the smartest options for giving a personal touch to your home and rooms. The impact will be worth capturing because anyone who sees them won’t be able to take their eyes off.

This is absolutely like serving old wine in a new bottle.

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