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5 Common Beliefs That You Should Forget In Designing Your House

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Humans are creatures of habit and tend to do things as custom dictates. When it comes to house designs, you may find yourself choosing a design that is completely out of place. The decision may be as a result of the prevailing designs in your neighborhood or other people’s ideas.

The best thing when caught up between too many opinions is to explore different ideas until you get the best. Do not be afraid to be different and unique. You can only achieve the best if you stay away from these common beliefs.

You Have To Go With the Trends

It is good to be trendy, but not at the expense of your lifestyle. Having a big kitchen is stylish, but it may not suit your lifestyle. Your family may be small and never have time to sit in the kitchen area to dine. It will be a waste of space that can be of use for other rooms.

Having many bedrooms that will not be in use regularly will be tiresome to clean. Instead of many bedrooms, consider rooms for laundry, pantry, office, and spare bathrooms. Ensure the rooms are functional like the bathrooms being near the bedroom and the dining room near the kitchen.

When designing the rooms, make them multipurpose. You can set an office, but when you’re not there, it can double up as a guest room. It will help put the rooms into use rather than being stores for dumping unused items.

Having upper rooms is the “in” thing, but it does not suit everyone. If you have elderly family members, you should not put their bedrooms upstairs. If you also plan to retire in the house, you may have to settle for a single level.

Tile floors have been in vogue for some time, but you can choose a different material. Wood flooring gives your house a feeling of warmth and elegance. Vinyl and laminate floors are great ideas to can opt for as long as you like them. Therefore, before going trendy, consider your family’s lifestyle and design the house to suit their needs.

Appliances Are Costly

Do not shy away from investing in the best appliances just because others believe they are costly. High-quality devices are expensive but are a great value for their cost. In the long run, you will save time and money. A good dishwasher is a fantastic appliance that will ease the burden of washing dishes.

A refrigerator saves you frequent trips to the grocery. Devices with technology like ovens will save you time and ensure your food does not burn. Installing monitors and alarms will spare your valuables from possible fire outbreaks. Drop the notion of going for cheap tools as they, in turn, can cost you much at the end.

Choose Design over Comfort

You may believe that designing the house is the most crucial element, but consider your comfort too. Getting seats for the living room ensures they are comfortable. When choosing a mattress, settle for one that will be durable and will be kind to your spine. A firm mattress will offer you the comfort your body needs and waking moments that are relaxing.

When designing the kitchen, you may have the doors facing the backyard. However, it can be tiring when coming from the grocery shop and you have to go all the way. As the kitchen has a lot of traffic has its entrance to itself to avoid making a mess of the living room.

You Don’t Need to Spend on Experts

People will tell you that you don’t need to spend your money consulting experts when everything is presented to you on a silver platter. That is completely out of order. You need an expert opinion on everything you do. Through consulting experts, you will understand the cost of building, the kind of design that will be suitable for the piece of land, and they will help you lay down a suitable budget.

Flat land with good soil will be easier and cheaper to build on and design. Land with rocks and the wrong type of soil will be costly to construct anything on. It is through consulting with experts that you will know the kind of land to buy for your house. Most people believe consulting with experts is costly, but in reality, it saves a lot of money and time in the end.

It is wise to consult with neighbors where you plan to settle to understand any challenges you may face. It is also essential to involve family members to give ideas about what they want in the house where they will spend most of their time. This will help avoid unnecessary renovations in the future.

If you have any, you have to consider the interests of your children as well. In this case, you may want to locate a nearby playground and choose a safety fence. The playground should be in an area where you can monitor their activity while you are in the house. All these need expert opinions as well as the opinions of those who have done it before.

A Lot of Lighting Is Not Necessary

The idea that a lot of lights will be costly is wrong. Lighting is essential, and if you think electricity charges may be high, considering solar and wind energy. Dim rooms are uninviting and can make the rooms prone to accidents. The kitchen should have sufficient lighting as it is one room with a lot of chores that require sharp and hot tools.

Ensure the rooms have enough natural lights as the major source of light. More windows will bring in more light and at the same time, make the appearance of the house beautiful. Add skylight in windowless rooms and corridors. Artificial lights should be large to make the rooms bright at night.

Consider your habits and lifestyle before planning the overall design of the house. If you want to retire in it, plan for long-term use. If it is a house for spending the holidays, design it in a way you will have a feel of vacation. When choosing a design for your house, let your needs and those of your family come first.