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4 Killer Logo Design Tips to Make Your Signage More Compelling

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If you are looking for examples of a powerful logo, you need not look very far. A quick drive through nearly any shopping plaza will offer several excellent examples. Consider companies like Best Buy, Walmart, Target and Amazon.com. Would you recognize these logos on a blank piece of paper? What if they were missing the retailers’ names? Yes? This is how you can identify a strong and powerful logo design.

Now, consider your own logo. Do you think that your customers, or your potential customers, could identify your business simply by looking at your logo on a piece of blank white paper? If not, then you might need to reconsider your logo design.

A logo is generally a small, simple graphic. This small visual forms the cornerstone for your company’s branding. It helps consumers to identify with your company, providing the company with a personality with which customers can relate. Your helps to answer questions about who you are, what you do, how you do it and why you are the best choice among a sea of competitors. Does your logo do this?

Certainly, a standalone graphic will most likely never accomplish these lofty goals. This is why you need that branding strategy mentioned above. By integrating your logo into marketing and advertising materials, choosing the right kind of signage and where to install, you can begin to answer the questions that consumers are asking. As you develop a target audience and use these materials to reach out to them, defining yourself as a problem-solver who is there to help them with their daily needs — your logo can begin to speak for itself.

It takes time to get all of these benefits from your logo — but if you don’t have powerful logo design to begin with, there is a low likelihood of your logo ever standing alone as a strong identifier. If you are concerned about the quality of your logo design, it is time to move forward and find out more about the process of logo development. Here are three things to consider when considering your logo design.

Be Unique

Do not try to copy someone else’s logo. A powerful logo stands alone and it is never confused with someone else’s logo. Your business is unique and this is your opportunity to represent it that way.

Refresh – Don’t Reinvent

If you have a logo that works, don’t change it. You might want to refresh it a bit with a more contemporary graphic or color scheme, but if people recognize you from your logo it would be a bad idea to completely redesign.

Focus on these Elements

There are three main components to a powerful logo design. They are color, shape and font. Once you have determined these three components, you should be able to combine them in a way that speaks to your customers and identifies your company.

If you want to have a logo that can stand the test of time, determine how these three aspects of design can be used to represent your company visually, with or without surrounding marketing materials or ad copy. It’s not impossible to harness the power of a logo, you just need to take these steps to determine how best to make your logo work for you.

Adopt New Technology

Your logo needs to be both unique, memorable and easy to see at the same time. When it comes time to put your logo on a sign or billboard, the technique you use to do so matters too. Fortunately, laser cutting technology makes it easy to create a quality look no matter what surface it goes on.

For instance, you could carve your brand name into stainless steel or put your logo or slogan on a piece of wood without losing any visual appeal. The words and pictures that make up a logo or other brand material will be clear and easy to see.