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4 Easy Rules of Buying Homes in Orange County

Orange County

Orange County California is one of the most fascinating cities in all of America. It has the finest beaches, multiple references in movies and has also been the setting of a well celebrated teen drama called The O.C where the character of Seth Cohen had won many hearts. The city offers theme parks, resorts, surfing and golfing as sports too! If you wish to enjoy the essence of the Californian life, then Orange County is the place to be! Here is a list of four easy rules that you must follow before buying homes in Orange County. You can thank us later!

Set A Tiny Budget Aside For Exploration

Orange County is known for its amazing tourism and shopping destinations. When one decides to settle in Orange County, they must consider the numerous avenues of exploration and adventure available in the city. The proximity to Disney’s resorts, the Bolsa Chica Ecological Reserve and Adventure City are a few examples where you can go ahead and splurge on a vacation within the city. Since the Californian city is helping you save on the house, you can invest the money in a vacation that will rejuvenate you and shower you with happiness.

Develop An Appreciation For Arts

The O.C has blessed the world with multiple celebrities. Right from John Stamos to Gwen Stefani, from Tiger Woods to Jeffree Star the number of celebrities and their footprints becomes hard to ignore. The city is a center of culture, sports and amusement. The largest concentration of the Vietnamese people exists in the region that also happens to be the place of origin of Zorro. After the run of the teen drama The O.C, a lot more people have found interest in the region and decided to settle in the land of museums and monuments. The Balboa Island ferry from Arrested Development is one that you cannot ignore. On top of everything else, Laguna Beach hosts a pageant of Masters to celebrate classic art. If we had a chance to settle in The O.C, we would never want to miss these opportunities for sure!

Embrace The California Lifestyle

Orange County is an epitome of the California life with its beaches, hiking trails, celebrities and theme parks. Settling here is like living a movie where all of your favorite celebrity’s Instagram pictures can become your reality. The gorgeous weather and the stunning views make this city the best choice for the solo travelers, the couples, the kids, in short everyone. Living in Orange County is all about adventure, amusement and a quaint charm that only the residents know of!

Make Your Purchase Before The Mid Of 2019

According to the latest changes in property taxes announced in 2018, the prices of homes in Orange County has gone down by a solid four percent. Economists believe that the four percent reduction in housing would last for at least the former half of the year. This reduction added to the already competitive market makes these early months to be the best for settling down in Orange County!

Orange County California is the one of the most balanced economies in all of the state. Due to an equilibrium being match at the number of houses available and an equal demand of Homes for sale in Orange County, CA, the market is at ideal pricing. The realty in the region is well known for favoring the sellers and asking the buyers to pay with their socks, nails and hair too. The major supply of housing available and the lower demand in the latter half of the last year has changed the dynamic of this market rather dramatically.

The balanced economy is achieved by favoring not the buyer nor the seller. The buyers of the region may not be in the driving seat but they do have a lot of choices available to them. The traditional houses are no longer flying out of the buyer’s grasp due to prices reaching for the sky. The buyers are now free to be methodical and relaxed to find the house of their choice. They no longer need to trip all over themselves to find a house that comes even a little closer to their budget.

Sellers in the locality seem to have a hard time coming to an accurate price for their houses. The current headlines for Orange County reaching the median sale price has set may sellers off the track. The lack of appreciation on prices shows that the market has gotten cold due to the lowered demand. Previously, the realty was way beyond the grasp for the majority of the buyers but today the things don’t seem as bright for sellers. The showing and potential offers have dropped considerably which has made things difficult for the overpriced, overzealous houses on sale.

Since we have discussed the market of realty in Orange County for a hot minute. We hope that these rules will help you make the choice of buying your dream home in the sunny climes of California.