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4 Current Home Design Trends to Follow in 2019

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Building your own home is a dream for many people: having everything exactly as you like, made to suit your needs and wants. Start planning your dream home now by checking out current popular home designs and residential building construction projects. To get you started, here are some tips on what home design will look like in 2019.

1.    Eco-Friendly Concern

The environment is big news these days, with ever more destructive hurricanes and storms battering the world, the oceans warming, and plastic choking waterways and paths everywhere. Current design trends show a renewed interest in ‘green’ building, with an emphasis on doing no harm to the surroundings, even as we still like to be comfortable and secure in our homes.

●      Buying Solar Panels or Energy Saving Thermostats

To reduce overspending on electric costs, solar panels are the great investments for your house.  The technologies help to save your house’s energy consumptions. Also, apply recycled building materials and non-invasive building techniques are on the up, and they do not necessarily have to be more expensive than traditional building methods. If you long for your very own new home construction but do not want to harm the planet, it is possible to have the best of both worlds.

●      Using Natural or Recycled materials

Along with the above point about not harming the environment, comes a demand for building materials. Custom home builders are tending to ask for the use of sustainable natural materials, such as bamboo and locally made bricks, or recycled items such as reclaimed bricks. The latter is sourced by careful demolition processes in which buildings are ‘unmade’ rather than destroyed, with bricks, lintels, mantelpieces and so on, being carefully freed and cleaned up for re-use.

Recently, companies are beginning to scavenge the huge amounts of waste plastic littering the earth, reforming it into pellets which can then be formed into building materials. While these are still very new and may not be very widely available yet, they are a sign of a step in the right direction as regards repairing the pollution that we humans have wreaked on the planet!

2. Durability

We have been subject to all sorts of weather extremes in the last few years, with huge variations between heatwave summers and freezing winters. This trend for weather extremes needs to be taken into account by anyone looking at custom home builds, as traditional building methods may no longer be enough to ensure the safety of residential building construction.

●      Growing Trees for Your House

Homes should be prepared for longer, hotter summers, with the building designed to stay cool without needing expensive air conditioning, but also geared for colder winters, even in countries that are usually temperate or hot in the ‘cool’ season. Therefore, growing greenery trees in the house is another great idea that reduces hot temperatures.

3. Aesthetics of Living

We live in a very visual world: television and film, social media and even the news media all being geared to snapshot images and words. Therefore, there is a growing tendency for people to make their choices (of everything from food to clothing, to homes and décor) based on the way they look. Charcoal burger buns that are pitch black may not taste great, but they look unusual and they give any photograph an exotic vibe that is highly desirable in a world that decries mass uniformity.

●      Consulting with Home Builders for A Better Home’s Appearance

Houses that have that same exotic differentness are also highly desirable, and for the same reason: they mark the owner out as having both good taste and the courage to be genuinely individual. Therefore, being able to guide the appearance of your new home construction from the very beginning is a surefire way to gain Insta Points – as well as ending up with a home that you love.

4. Comfort and Security

These two are paired as often they do go hand-in-hand. We often do not feel comfortable in an insecure house because we cannot relax and fully unwind. Therefore comfort is often enhanced by security features on a home, and security is enhanced by making a home more secure: windows that close tightly are both secure and comfortable, keeping the weather and pests out of the home.

Of course, some people like to have a through breeze in their home, while others like to have every door tightly closed: these personal preferences can be addressed at the design stage, pitting open-plan building against privacy doors and so on.


No matter what you are looking for in your new home, current design trends and popular home designs are sure to help you narrow down your choices and options until you end up with the ideal home of your dreams in which you and your family can live your best lives.