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4 Benefits Of Always Having A Sharp Knife

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4 Benefits Of Always Having A Sharp Knife

Why should you bother even having a sharp knife? For the effort it requires, is it even worth it? Or should you just continue using the almost blunt edge you have presently? Now, you may be wondering why I’m even asking this question to begin with. I mean, isn’t it blatantly obvious!? You have a dull edge, therefore you sharpen it, so your life won’t be so damn frustrating in the kitchen (or in the field). And if this is what you thought, you’d be absolutely correct. But there are many other benefits to having a sharp knife that you may not know about, and that’s what I intend on discussing in today’s post.

#1 A Sharp Knife Is A Safe Knife

A sharp knife is safer than a dull knife. Trust me I know, it’s so cliché! There’s a lot of truth to it however. In theory, you require less pressure to use a sharp knife than a dull knife, and because of this, you’re less likely to cut or injure yourself. If I had a penny for every time I’ve gotten cut by having a knife slip on me (because of applying too much pressure), I’d have half a dollar! Comment below on this if you can relate (and I know some of you definitely can). On the contrary, whenever I’ve sharpened my knife, I enjoy food prep so much that I find it hard to stop! Thus, I get more done with less than half the injuries.

#2 Because A Dull Knife Just Won’t Cut It!

A dull knife just won’t cut it, literally! It won’t give you the precision and accuracy you require to make those special cuts. An example: who over here like chunky tomatoes on your pizza? Not me! What about delicately thin tomato slices carefully placed on your pizza? All in favor, say aye! The chunky versus the delicately thin cut tomato is the difference between a sharp edge and a dull one. A sharp edge gives you the freedom and versatility to do things you can only dream of doing with a dull blade. The tomato is just one example, but there’s plenty of other examples not just applicable to food, but pretty much everything you’d need a knife for.

#3 Dull Knives Are Frustrating As Hell!

This ties into what I talked about in the beginning of the post. Using a dull blade can sometimes be excruciatingly annoying and frustrating. And the way I see it, life is too short to feel this way. I know some really awesome cooks who hate preparing a recipe/meal simply because of how tedious and exhausting it is to cut all the veggies and meats. Guys, it doesn’t need to be this way! Anyone who has used a sharp knife before knows how big the difference is, and how easy it makes things.

A Sharp Knife Makes Food Prep Easy & Enjoyable

#4 Sharp Knives Make Cutting Onions A Breeze!

I saved the best for last! Do you get all teary eyed when chopping up an onion? Well that’s most likely due to your dull knife edge. No, this isn’t one of those myths, it’s true. The reasoning behind it is as follows: When you chop an onion, you release a chemical that is responsible for causing the irritation in your eyes. More of this chemical is released when you use a dull knife because you’re less likely to make a clean cut. On the contrary, a sharp edge with a clean cut does less damage to the cell walls, and therefore less irritant is released (source: TheKitchn). Save yourself the tears and start using a sharp knife!

Cry Me A River……Not! Sharp Knives Make Cutting Onions A Breeze!

Moral Of The Story?

Moral of the story? Always ensure you use a sharp knife, and if you have a blunt edge, get sharpening! That, ladies and gentleman, brings us to the end of the post. There are tons of benefits to using a sharp knife. Do you know of any that I haven’t shared above? Please leave a comment and let us know!

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A sharp knife and a juicy t bone steak; that’s the definition of bliss per today’s guest author, Irvan. Outside of his knife sharpening fascination, Irvan enjoys reading self-development books, learning new languages, traveling to new countries, and trying different coffees! Go check him out at myelectricknifesharpener, if you’re interested in sharpening, caring, and maintaining your knives!