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3 Creative Uses For a Floral Arch

If you are someone who is getting married anytime soon you are probably thinking about all sorts of different decorations and floral arrangements. Perhaps you thought about adding a floral arch? Many women believe that it is a great, romantic, and stylish addition to the ceremony. Doesn’t really matter if it is an outdoor event or an indoor wedding, you can easily incorporate it both ways. You will enjoy an arch of flowers for your big day since it is beautiful and multi practical. Actually, you can use it in 3 creative and different ways, which are mentioned later down below in the article.

What is a Floral Arch?

This is a bright, fun, and romantic looking option that you can place anywhere you wish at your ceremony. It is a wall which is entirely made out of flowers. Usually, it is 2.2 meters in height as well as in width. However, this can vary based on your preferences and wishes. The flowers used in the crafting process are a lot like natural flowers. They are the best type of replica for the real thing. At Sage Event, these flowers are made with the help of an in-house interior designer who has a lot of years of experience, skills, and passion for the crafting process.

How To Choose Your Favorite One?

Since all wedding arches are beautiful and promising in their own way, sometimes it can be hard to stick to just one option. You can choose your design on your own, or ask for the companies help, or your wedding organizer. However, know that everything can be customized per your wish. Women who have got a specific color scheme in their head can have the exact same duplicate for their arch. Just make sure you speak up openly and honestly when arranging the whole thing. Know that this arch will add elegance and style to the venue and that it is going to give that special ”pop” to the whole thing. Floral arch is a must have item if you are someone who prefers glamor and diversity.

3 Creative Uses for a Floral Arch

1. Photo Prop

Obviously, this is its main and most important purpose. You can have the best pictures thanks to this addition. Not only you, but your guests as well are going to love it when taking selfies! If you are going to hire a professional photographer they will capture your most precious moments under the floral arch. Also, the arch is a great idea for the Winter season. You can’t really take unique pictures outdoors since it is cold, therefore it is a highly recommended piece. You can also use it when:

– Walking down the aisle

– For the first kiss

– Cutting the cake

These are your most personal and romantic moments, so make sure you capture them nicely.

2. Bar Addition

If your bar is too small and crowded and you can’t really do much about it then consider masking it with a floral arch. This is going to be a great distraction and a unique addition to your booze station. You can place it both in outdoor and indoor venues and make it pop! The best part is that you can choose the flowers that you wish to incorporate for your arch. You can play around with colors and even match it to your alcoholic beverages. This is definitely going to be a unique and innovative step that not that many people have experienced at weddings.

3. Entrance or a Dance Floor Addition

Imagine this: Walking down your reception and having a floral arch. Your guests can, as well, enjoy the scenery and experience a red carpet moment too! If you are someone who loves glamorous and gala options you will love this one for sure. You can also have your first dance under an arch full of red and white roses and memorize it forever.

Also, you can use the arch as a decoration for your guests to walk through. Think about areas of the event that you can connect such as the food station and the dance floor. You can connect them through by using different, or same kinds, of arches. This may require a few more arches than expected, but it will definitely look like a fairytale on its own.