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2019 Colour Trends for Interior Design

Different Interior Design Colors

Clever use of colour in your home or office can totally transform the atmosphere of any room, brightening up dark and gloomy areas and bringing light where it’s needed.

But which are the best colours to use to create a modern and stylish look in 2019? Colour trends change with the seasons and the years so here are our top colour trends for this year:

Shades of dark green

Bring nature into your home with shades of dark green, which go perfectly with wooden floors to create a real sense of the forest or the jungle. It’s a great colour for a feature wall or a recess to bring depth to a lighter room.

Dusky pink

Dusky pink is a perfect accent colour to use to brighten up a room, with a throw or cushions to just bring that splash of colour to an area. You could try using dusky pink for lamp shades or curtains to brighten up a darker room, or pair it with white bed linens for a soft, romantic feel.

Shades of middle blue

Forget pastel blue or navy, shades of middle blue are the key for 2019, either as a neutral colour to be used throughout a room, or warmed up with darker blue and red shades as an accent colour.

Mushroom grey

The interior trend for grey colours has gone away from industrial greys to a softer mushroom grey this year, bringing in a more natural, softer effect. This colour combined with a rich brown can create a cosy, earthy feel. Whether you have designer homeware or just the simple ones, this grey tint definitely screams elegance and versatility.

Orange coral

Orange coral is a stunning jewel of a colour for an interior bringing optimism and sunshine into any room. Use it for a feature wall to create an uplifting and positive atmosphere.

Rusty shades

Shades of rust and terracotta bring a natural rustic feel to the indoors while retaining a modern feel. Use in the kitchen to bring the outside in, or opt for accessories and use it as an accent colour. It’s all about creating a very natural, warm feel to the room with this palette.

Electric tones

Electric tones are a playful, vibrant option for this year, including citrus yellow, lime green and sunshine orange. Used in moderation these colours can bring a pop of colour to brighten up and modernise any room.

If these are too bright for you then go for toned down versions and just use them to update a dull room, for example, by updating your cushion covers, or using shades of them within a rug or curtain pattern.

Precious stone inspiration

Emeralds, rubies and sapphires are the inspiration for jewel-based colours being used as accents in the kitchen and with furniture. Opt for replacing tired cabinet doors with new ones in a precious-stone inspired colour to give a kitchen a facelift.

Natural wood

Light natural wood colours such as ash or pine are a great update to magnolia and the traditional beige options so if you want a light neutral tone, opt for one of these wood-based choices.

For a really bright home, use a natural wood base as the main colour and then choose a couple of brighter tones – such as the jewel colours – and use these as accents to really make the room pop.  


Aqua is a lovely bright vibrant colour which can be toned down with pastels and pinks for a softer approach. This jewel-based colour is a great accent colour for a feature wall, or doors.

If you are not sure about how to use this blue-green shade, try investing in a throw, or a rug to introduce it to the house and see how you feel – or perhaps update your bathroom towels in this shade as an introduction.

Understated purple shades

Understated shades of purple including violet provide a great energy and intensity to any chosen decorative scheme. This colour brings rich tones for the bedroom or mellow tones to create a calm living room.

Juicy red shades

Think juicy ripe berries and these are the type of red shades to use to create cosy corners and bring energy into different spaces throughout the house. Use it as a colour accent to brighten up dark rooms, or to bring a new classic look to a kitchen.


There are many beautiful colours to choose from when decorating this year, whether you prefer a natural look with the wood shades, mushroom grey and forest greens, or want to go for a vibrant and positive room using jewel and citrus colours.

There are endless combinations which you can try and whether you paint your whole room or just invest in a new cushion and rug set for your living room, it’s never been easier to bring more colour and fresh vibrancy into your home.