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20+ Interior Design Hacks To Elevate Every Room In Your Home

As any home is constantly evolving aesthetically and is never completely realized overnight, here’s 20 tips culled from Décor Aid interior designers for inspiration in elevating your home’s interior design with ease.

From sourcing unique furnishings at the best prices to creating the right ambiance with light and color, consider these floor to ceiling interior design cue’s inspiring reference points to bring your home to life.

Fun & Function

As any home should have a warm, playful spirit, do keep function in mind but go ahead and have fun decorating your home as it should be considered less of a challenge and more of a life-enhancing practice.

Keep A Strong Edit

By honing on exactly what kind of styles you like and what exactly you need, you’ll steer clear of clutter, running out of space, and looking like you have too heavy of a hand.

Think Of Visual Flow

To keep every room in your home consistent, consider how each room’s decor can work with each other for smooth transitions as you throughout your home.

Contrast Design Styles

Never settle for a single look, theme, or style, as it will be hard to maintain and will in turn look boring. Though there’s a fine line between completely kitsch and subtly curated, we love a mix of high and low, old and new, for rooms that are rich in reference and warm in feel. Mix era’s, mix design movements, there’s no set rule in injecting expressive personality throughout your home. However, to create soothing visual harmony, limit the mix of statement-making add-ons to no more than three to avoid a noisy feel.

Create A Mood With Color

As every room should be living, think of how certain colors feel related to exactly how you want to feel in your home. And think of what will make a room pop, appear larger, and brighter.

Play With Textures

Highlight high-shine and mirrored surfaces by injecting a room with doses of softer, silkier, and lush fabrications as it’s all about a beautifully curated mix of various elements in any home.

Keep It Simple

Trust us, you’ll get the most use for your money over the years when you skip out on big ticket items like a couch in bold saturated colors, expressive patterns, and hyper-trendy silhouettes as it will be certain to look outdated and tired fast.

Go Green

Plants are one of the most affordable and easiest to source decorative elements to bring a room to life with an added bonus of doubling as an air purifier.

Use Neutral Upholstery

With subtle, quiet hues, you’ll get more life out of couches and seating which you can quickly bring to life with pillows, throws, and blankets in riotous hues and prints that can also be easily switched out from season to season.

Rotate Pieces

To keep things fresh and uncluttered, rotate pieces and change the positioning of accessories regularly as in like life, you should allow your home to continually evolve.

Take Advantage Of Daylight

As you can never go wrong with mirrors, use them to reflect light during that day as they’ll make a space seem bigger and easily more glam.

Center Furniture

By placing furniture away from walls and towards the center of a room, you’ll create warm conversation areas and your rooms will look larger.

Think Outside The Box

Because you’ll never get anywhere by sticking to rigid, age-old decor rules, be as expressive as you want and feel free to run wild as your home should reflect your personality, lifestyle, and tastes. Go for the unexpected, surprise them – what’s there to really lose?

Bring Outdoor Fabrications In

A seriously clever interior design hack, bringing outdoor fabrications in is a foolproof way to protect against stains, fading, and just about any kind of mess a young child can make.

Stick To Scale

To keep the eye focused and every rooms balance just right, stick to the golden rule of larger rooms requiring larger furnishings and smaller rooms needing petite pieces.

Shop Around

Any good interior designer will tell you that they really do shop around. From flea markets to estate sales to sample sales, there’s plenty of deals to be found, it just takes a little bit more patience to be resourceful. But before you head to that antique mart, do some research as to the value of vintage scores so you’ll know you’re paying a truly fair price. And you should also sign-up for newsletters from your favorite furniture companies so you won’t miss out on any surprise flash sales or clearance markdowns.

Buy Two Great Pieces Every Year

As no home can or should be decorated overnight (what’s the rush?), we suggest investing in two great future heirloom furnishings ever six months rather than going for a slew of inexpensive, unsubstantial furnishings as you’ll get more use for your money and create a growing collection over time.

Use Art As Anchor Pieces

Though great, expressive art isn’t the easiest to come across and is one area usually requiring a bit of a splurge, use major art pieces as an anchor from room to room and decorate around one major conversation starter to keep the eye focused.

Never Skimp On Comfort

And why should you? Just because that chaise lounge was a steal and is drop dead gorgeous doesn’t mean that it’s comfortable enough to take vital real estate in your home. Keep in mind that while every piece in your home should be aesthetically pleasing, they should also be both practical and comfortable.

Keep Thing Unique To You

As no one should ever want their home to look like their neighbors, make sourcing unique, one of a kind finds a priority as they’ll add depth, warmth, and even a little intrigue to keep them guessing on where you found such incredible statement makers.

Don’t Forget Your Ceiling

Probably the least used decorative spot, ceilings can be a great way to pack a visual punch via molding, wallpaper, and paint.