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10 Superb Methods To Dust Everything in Your House

Keeping a home dust free is not a herculean task but definitely a tedious and constant effort. More reason to do dusting if you wouldn’t dread living along with the annoying cobwebs, stubborn dust particles, dust mites, dandruff, pollen, animal dander, dead skin and decomposing insects!

These groovy particles accumulated in every space of the room can wreak havoc for asthma and allergy sufferers. Go ahead with these ingenious tips and methods to eliminate dust in your house effortlessly. Or keep that gross at bay with residential house cleaning services nj who can schedule and clean your home according to your needs.

1. Start with the closets

You wouldn’t have imagined that your closed cabinet can ever be dirty. These spaces are often dustier as clothes shed tiny fibers which make them the dust reservoirs. Save your garments from the blast of dust by opting for plastic box and garment bags to stack and store regular and seasonal clothes to prevent dust from settling on them.

2. Change beddings frequently

Bed sheets, pillows and mattresses are harbingers for dust mites. Allergen-proof cover for encasing mattresses would prevent dust from settling on them. Wash your bedding once weekly.

3. Fabrics needs dusting and cleaning

Though your eyes may miss dust settled on curtains, bedspread, upholstered furniture, pillows, and mattress, they need dusting every now and then. Fabric items can be washed in hot water or dry-cleaned periodically. Professional house cleaning services nj would make it easier to clean rugs to keep them dust free.

4. Whip dust off from top to bottom

Start from the high like ceiling fans, cobwebs, light fixtures, vents, and door jams which would deposit dust on the floor. Ceiling and ceiling fan, windowsills, television, computers, and bookshelves would need dusting on a fortnightly and monthly basis with an extension wand duster and microfiber mop.

5. Soft toys are haven for dust

Those cuddly teddies and fabric dolls may hold enormous dust in them. They should go into a large plastic bag with baking soda, the bag sealed from top and shaken well to draw out soil and dust from them and later vacuumed with a brush attachment.

6. Dusting and polishing small articles, curios

Wood surfaces ought to be dusted and polished. Small items from the shelves have to be wiped clean with a separate rag. Wipe the dust off the lamp and vacuum the shade. Dust the book shelves, take off all the books and dust each one of them for a neat look.

7. Dust bunnies are not as cute as they sound

Dust bunnies are fluffy clumps hiding mostly in dark areas of the house where the sun and vacuum cannot reach. Stoop and go to places like under the bed, furniture, refrigerator, and couch where dust may not be visible but would be hiding. Unusual spaces like this can be easily reached through a vacuum attached to a dusting brush.

8. Carpets are dust magnets

Carpet floors need to be vacuumed daily or more frequently for those suffering from air borne diseases. A vacuum cleaner with micro filter bag or a HEPA filter can prevent your carpet from becoming a haven for dust mites.

9. Do the floors at the end

Once the complete area is dusted do the floors. Get the edges and corners with vacuum, moving to rugs and carpets. For the hard floors, use mop and bucket. For hard wood or laminate follow the cleaning method as directed.

10. Don’t skip the bathrooms

Using a spray and cleaning product, cover the areas in your bathroom like tubs and showers that are prone to dust and dirt. Swish with a brush to scrub difficult areas. Polish the fixtures, vanity and mirrors. Wear rubber gloves to soak the toilet with bleach solution and clean with a toilet brush.

Sort out the dirt and dust from your life with these great tips but those of you who are touch squeamish can hire a professional cleaning service at your behest for keeping the surfaces of your beautiful house free from all sort of grit and grime.